Monday, 24 March 2014

Something for the Week Ahead

Hello everyone

I thought I'd share some snaps from the incredibly busy Keith Epps exhibition opening to help ease you into a new week.

Lets start with this one:

I've picked this one as it's not so hectic you can actually see some paintings!

Also this:

Here at UG headquarters some of you will have heard me refer to a painting's 'pulling power'. I think it's fair to say that Keith Epps paintings score full marks in this area.
On first viewing an Epps painting, you are presented with a beautiful, immaculately finished and executed work of art, but then on closer inspection, you discover that not all is at it seems in Paradise/ The Garden of Eden. I think the above photo demonstrates Keith's pulling power perfectly.

A couple more..

And just before it got REALLY busy...

Leaving you with this....

I have said of Keith Epps' paintings that not all is as it seems and the same came also be said of this photo from the opening. Enjoy spotting our regal and rebellious special guests!

Have a great weekend all x

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