Monday, 28 June 2010

Clash of the Titans

The stage is set.......
Artists Dylan Lisle and Patsy McArthur take to the walls.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Busy Blog!

Hello everyone

Well it's been a busy old week here at Union Gallery - don't forget there's still time to come in and view the treasures from the current exhibition "Summer Cocktail". You shouldn't miss out.

Care of my wonderful friend and brilliant writer, Chris Docker, I attended the screening of The Man Who Would Be King. My press gang Sir Sean Connery into buying an original artwork to mark his 80th birthday....alas, I failed. Happy Birthday anyway Sir Sean.

Had a wee look round an exhibition opening at the Craigmillar Community Arts Centre. I was genuinely inpressed and so happy that a community had become so close through a shared interest in art.

Another talent search, another opening.

Early morning studio visit to award winning artist Olivia Irvine in preperation for her part in Union Gallery's Festival exhibition ('s going to be AMAZING). I always love coming here:)
Later that morning did a spot of moth watching at the studio of deadly talented Dylan Lisle. He's coming up next in truly spectacular form, but for now here's a little teaser:

Simply superb. Later that evening I attended a talk by acclaimed artist John C Brown on his latest print for a fundraising drive for the excellent charity Art in Healthcare. Unfortunately I discovered that it was in fact the next night.....back again! I'm sure Art in Healthcare's assistant director Trevor Jones will find this highly ammusing.
Finally - some footage from last weeks Artists party/Union Gallery's first birthday.

Alan McIntosh from our favourite local paper, Spurtle, beside artists Olivia Irvine and Lisa Petterson. Amazing landscape painter Hazel Cashmore is just disapearing off on the right. Maybe I should have cropped the empties.
Lovely 3rd year ECA student Martyn McKenzie on the right. Winning smile!
Stunning artist Laura Homoky sporting a rather fabulous Maxi dress....I want one!

Saturday, 19 June 2010


Hello everyone

Coverage from the 1st Birthday/Artists Party will follow. A huge thanks to all who came along to help with the celebrations. It really was a lovely evening.

However, before that I would like to take a closer look at some of truly beautiful and very clever paintings that are in the current Summer Cocktail exhibition.

Lets kick off with this:

"A Bird in the Bush" by Janet Melrose.
Award winning artist Janet painted this piece outdoors in her garden. The birds and wildlife that visit Janet's garden have become quite tame and are used to her much so that Mr Blackbird flew into the canvas! I love that wee story. The blossom is that of a Damson Tree, much more delicate and intricate than that of the fluffy cherry tree. As ever, Janet has handled the subject matter with great skill. You can see the couple of birds in the foreground but can you see the others? Take a closer look.
Another little bird:

"King Fisher" by Sally Johns.
Gold leaf is notoriously tough to photograph.
This image is not bad but you should come in to see the real deal. You would be forgiven for thinking that it's a painting, but the actual King Fisher is done in pastel. good as it gets for well observed drawing. The gold leaf is fabulous too, Sally has good control and a lot of patience is needed to apply all that.

"River Earn at Carnie Braes" by John Carberry.
This painting speaks for itself. A beautiful summers day on a canvas. I want to be there!

"The House in The Woods" by Fiona Jappy.
This little painting deserves a closer look. It maybe small scale but it's packed with atmosphere, mystery and curiosity. You could look at this piece all day and let your imagination run riot. I think it's like a fairy tale and I bet there are characters just out of site, playing in the woods. Clever and original.

"Backstage" by Douglas Sneddon.
This piece gets a lot of attention, including from a lot of the artists that show at the gallery. Any artist will tell you that approval from your peers, with their well trained eyes, is the ultimate! I am extremely lucky to own a Douglas Sneddon myself. Perhaps one day I will show you it.

Have a closer look at my lovely tubs and you will notice that my flowers are beginning to bear fruit. If you are planning to visit to the gallery soon, perhaps we can treat you to a micro bowl of strawberries and cream.
Speak soon

Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Hello everyone

And a big welcome to our latest follower. We shall endeavour to entertain and amaze you at all times :)

So last week saw Union Gallery reach it's 1st Birthday. How time flys when you are enjoying yourself!
Unfortunately we were a tad too busy last week to celebrate, however that will change this Thursday evening from 7pm, so come along if you fancy a bit of a knees up. Not to be out done by the Queen, I have decided that I too can have a couple of birthdays. I am really looking forward to having all the brilliant artists that exhibit here for a party. Coverage will follow.

A tasty birthday treat from our fabulous neighbours at Treacle Bar next door.
Going to leave you with this:

Yes, I know. Some of you will be bored to death at me raving about my lucky find. Tough! I just want to say one last time that this is a REAL 4 leaf clover that I managed to find amongst a sea of flesh in Iverleith Park a couple of weeks back. I have decided that it's new home will be in Union Gallery and it will hopefully pass a bit of luck onto anyone who visits. It lives in the main gallery space and I am offering up a bottle of bubbles to the eagle eyes who spot it first!
Sunday will see me attending a red carpet affair hosted by Sir Sean's his birthday too. I am sure he will be needing an original work of art to mark the occassion. Again, coverage to follow.
Speak soon

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Mmm....Summer Cocktail

Hello everyone

So I have returned safe and sound from Cannes following my recent debut in the film industry.....hence the reduced blog activity. Although I was inundated with movie offers and other work, I felt it was time to come home. I missed the gallery too much.

Luckily, I returned in time to hang the latest exhibition :Summer Cocktail. So's an exhibition worth returning from Cannes for! It's so fresh and colourful and has a real summery feel to it. Yes, it maybe typical British summertime out there but inside Union Gallery there's a real feel good factor and the exhibition has some real stunners in it. I'm even doing the old sneaking in early trick so I can take a proper look. See for yourselves:

Please note those gorgeous Janet Melrose paintings on the right. I know of one new owner of her paintings who is absolutely over the moon! And to the left:

Another warm and summery wall, consisting of some exceptional new pieces by Fiona Jappy: look at "Saturday" on Fiona's page, it's something else. At the end of the wall a superb new body of work by John Carberry and centre, an all time favourite painting of mine "Returning From The Party" by Olivia Irvine. To me this sums up a warm summer evening. Lastly:

I have affectionatle christened this "Nosferatu Wall" with it's dark, mysterious and dramatic paintings. Some beauties there, but best you just come in and see for yourself.

It gets scarier:

I was recently visited by my good friend Norma Donald who, after hearing about my Scottish Widows shenanigans, thought I should try on her "cloak coat".
Normal dress code has now resumed however and I promise to behave sensibly when you next visit.
Speak soon.