Tuesday, 30 November 2010


"One day she did not return from her fishing and so she was searched for, he reached her spot but it was deserted. And so he began looking for her tracks – they led directly away into the vast interior. It began to get dark as he ventured inland more and more. As night fell, he became sure that her feet were bare. They became smaller and smaller the further he tracked her. As he continued, one of her feet became wolf while the other remained human. As she was like that, he turned back"
"The Hunt" by Hannah Haworth.

Old Inuit folktale

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Last Request? Last Chance

Hello everyone

Welcome to our lastest blog followers.....just wait 'till you see what's coming next!

So the dark and gloomy month of November was successfully fought off by the sheer joy that is Trevor Jones' exhibition, "Synaesthesia II". I have enjoyed every minute of it....even the learning to use the scary MCP3O players! It's good to challenge oneself. However, what I have enjoyed the most has been the reaction of all the amazing visitors who have been in to view this work. It is often said that abstract art is not for everyone, but it seems that Trevor's masterful use of colour and skillful compositions simply delight people. I understand why.

I have also relised something else quite special: having spent nearly a whole month with these paintings in the gallery, I am the lucky person who has spent more time with them than anyone else - even Trevor. It's been an intense process for him, and it's a shame that he has not been allowed the luxury of time to fully appreciate all his hard work - such is the way for artists. So, lucky me! I have been able to spend lots of time with them, and yet I know that I have only scatched the surface of what these paintings have to offer. I am very happy for all of those who have secured one of  Trevor's paintings....they just keep giving.

So, this weekend is the LAST CHANCE to come and see (and hear)  "Synaesthesia II", I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Leaving you with this:

Trevor taking a contemplative moment, spending a little time with something that is essentially part of him.

Speak soon....

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Happy Endings

Hello everyone

I thought I'd share a little 'feel good' story with you:

"Composition 32" by Trevor Jones
This was the first painting to get a new home from the Trevor Jones exhibition. I think it would be fair to say that it was a 'love at first sight' scenario for the lady who bought it: a real 'can't let this go by' moment.  Since then, she has been in the gallery many more times to see the painting, as have many of the buyers of Trevor's work.
What's interesting about this story is that the lady who bought it (an impulse, without her husband seeing it) didn't notice the little fish in the painting initially. It took about 15 minutes before the extra treat was found....and it was much to her delight!  So, I am pleased to report that when Mr "Composition 32" viewed it on the opening night, he loved it too.
 It has since come to light that she is an Aquarian and he is a Piscean....some things are just meant to be.....

I love a happy ending!  



Friday, 19 November 2010

A Great View

Hello everyone,

So here is another video clip of the opening night of Trevor Jones' solo exhibition 'Synaesthesia II', currently running at Union Gallery.  There are some fab close-up's of some of the paintings here too, so it's well worth a look.  There are just 10 days left to view this amazing exhibition....if you can find the time, I strongly recommend it.

Have a good weekend...

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Impressive Vessel!

Hello everyone

Just wanted to bring your attention to this:

An 18C Imperial chinese Vase that Bainbridges sold a couple of days ago for a WHOPPING £51.6m (including commission).  That's a world record price for a Chinese wprk of art. To be fair, it's a very pretty vase, and I think it's almost as nice as Union Gallery's 'ugly jug':

Union Gallery's ugly/beautiful vase.....maker unknown
Although ours has authentic cracks and everything!
 As we all know, the Chinese economy is rocketing at the moment and collectors are very keen to repatriate important works....it's their history and culture.

Anyway, if, like me, you don't have a spare £51.6m kicking around, but you still like stunning creamics or glassware, then we have the answer:


"Flat Pack Bird Cage" by Jessica Irena Smith......a demi-fraction of the price for the Impressive Vessel and just as lovely.

EQUALLY IMPORTANT, you still have 16 days to come in and see (and hear) the Trevor Jones "Synaesthesia II" exhibition - and I can promise you it's well worth it.  I might even share a glass of Irn Bru with you, served in my Faberge glasses.
(Oh, and if any of you reading this can shed some light on the elusive Auldjo Vase, and help me reclaim my inheritance as Italian Nobility, you'll get extra Irn Bru)

Have a great weekend. 

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Seen and Heard It All?

I don't think so......

Trevor Jones at Union Gallery from stewart bremner on Vimeo.

Highlights from the opening of Trevor Jones's exhibition.Fantastic video care of Stewart Bremner. Love the wonky music for the hanging....very appropriate.
It was such a great night!

And this:

Come in to see (and hear) what all the excitement is about.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

An Explosion of Colour!

Howdy partners and greetings to our latest blog follower....as always we shall do our best to amaze and astound you.

So I am waiting for technical wizard Stewart Bremner to finish the video of artist Trevor Jones's opening the other night. I can't wait! It was a fantastic night with a real celebratory feel, well attended and some excellent feedback. Thanks to all who attended and made it such a special night.

It's an interesting and unique exhibition with a musical twist. It's also very colourful......the perfect fix for a drab and gloomy November. So if you fancy doing something fun and rewarding then please come in for a visit. You can have a laugh at me trying to operate an MP,C3PO player.

Speaking of which:

I had to laugh at this. Lovely artist Stewart Bremner left me fool proof instructions on how to operate the camera. Very dutiful and GREATLY appreciated!

Leaving you with this:

"Synaesthesia II" opening 04.11.10.
Here's a wee snap of the night until the video arrives. The master of abstract, Trevor Jones, is pictured in the white shirt.

Speak soon x

Monday, 1 November 2010


Hello everyone - and greetings to latest blog follower.

So Union Gallery will be closed for the next couple of days in preperation of:
"Last Request" by Trevor Jones from his exhibition "Synaethesia II". This painting is inspired by the music of Paolo Nutini.

TIP. If you can manage to lose a couple of pounds between now and Thursday, I suggest you do.....interest is high and it's going to be PACKED!

See you all Thursday......

Sounds like a visual feast

Published Date: 03 November 2010
AN exhibition of work based on the songs of Paolo Nutini and Biffy Clyro is to go on display at the Union Gallery.
Artist Trevor Jones's exhibition, entitled Synaesthesia II, explores the sensory connection between music and colour from tomorrow.

Mr Jones said: "There's been a profound increase in research into synaesthesia (the phenomenon of "seeing" sounds] the last few decades and I was compelled to begin my own artistic investigation. To add another dimension to the exhibition we're providing MP3 players with the relevant songs."