Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Passing The Sutor

'Passing The Sutor', acrylic on card by James Newton Adams.
I come here every day I love it when my jumper matches the boat.
Today red. A little jackpot. I'll maybe see her, our dogs are quite friendly now and last time she laughed.
If only I would just say it.

'Passing The Sutor' by Iain Finlay Macleod.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The Orchids

'Orchids and New Moon', watercolour and collage on paper by Jenny Matthews.

Orchids by Hazel Simmons-McDonald 
I leave this house
box pieces of the five-week life I;ve gathered.
I’ll send them on
to fill spaces in my future life.
One thing is left
a spray of orchids someone gave
from a bouquet one who makes a ritual of flower-giving sent.
The orchids have no fragrance
but purple petals draw you
to look at the purple heart.
I watered them once
when the blossoms were full blown
like polished poems.
I was sure they’d wilt
and I would toss them out with the five-week litter.
They were stubborn.
I starved them.
They would not die.
This morning the bud at the stalk’s tip unfurled.
I think I’ll pluck the full-blown blooms
press them between pages of memory.
Perhaps in their thin dried transparency
I’ll discover their peculiar poetry.
-Hazel Simmons McDonald

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Zorro's Apprentice!

Hello everyone

I wanted to let you see what myself and the talented artist Mark Nicholas Edward have been up to lately.
Its a one-off collaboration between us and we are pretty chuffed with the results....

'Digging for Mr Potato Head'. Ink on paper by Alison Auldjo and Mark Nicholas Edward.


'Zorro's Apprentice'. Ink on paper by Alison Auldjo and Mark Nicolas Edward.

Inspired I'm sure you will agree! All sensible offers for our efforts will be considered.

Leaving you with this:

The lovely Mr MNE holding a painting from his latest collection of work titled 'Sunken Treasures'.
These little acrylics on canvas are indeed treasures and everyone should have one on their wall!

Speak soon x

Monday, 3 September 2012


Its one of our favourite times of the year so we are going to celebrate with an exhibition full of some seriously good looking paintings......

See you all Thursday!

Saturday, 1 September 2012

The Fragmentary State

I take an auto-ethnographic approach to Contemporary Art Practice at Porthmeor Studios in St Ives, Cornwall where I am based.  As a phenomenological site of specific interest to my reflexive studio practice is the patina of paint found on the floors, walls and doors formed by weathering, light and occupancy - the fishermen and the artists.  I use the studio as both an instrument and a conceptual framework to develop my inquiry into the notion of fragment as generative phenomena.       
What makes the loci of place?  Art making perhaps, or physical histories and cultural products whose temporal presence is often cyclical, mirrored in the drawings on paper, their material agency embedded in the building itself – unfinished and infolding. 
The painted image evokes the notion of fragment and is the fragment at the same moment.  In this place the painting operates as both a singular process and from the patina a source of many authors, a hinge, from artist to artist.  “It is the fragment and fragmentary state that are the enduring and normative; conversely, it is the whole that’s ephemeral, and the state of wholeness that is transitory.” (Tronzo, William. 2009)  
Clare Wardman, 2012

'Tatuitpo', oil on canvas, by Clare Wardman.