Thursday, 29 April 2010


Hello everyone

No, it's not my birthday again. Although Union Gallery will be celebrating it's 1st birthday very soon.....I am SO EXCITED!!

It was the birthday of regular gallery visitor and now friend Lillian Redhead yesterday. Mr & Mrs Redhead popped in as crafty old John had told his gorgeous missus that she was getting a jigsaw puzzle for her birthday! How could he? However, on opening said present, she discovered that it was infact:

WOW. Now that's what I call a present; what a perfect husband!
"Through The Net Curtain" by Philip Braham is a unique and very special painting and it could not have gone to a better home. As I say: I love happy endings.

Happy Birthday Lillian!
John and Lillian took the opportunity to have a last look round the "Not So Still" exhibition which you all still have time to offer of a wee gin and tonic whilst viewing still stands. A really beautiful exhibition and a huge thank you to all the artists involved: Georgie Young, Cathy Campbell, Jean Hall, Suzanne Kempley, Astrid Trugg, Ruth Addinal, Drummond Mayo and of course Philip Braham.
Leaving you with this:

I am pleased to report that I finally got my "art n tart" date with lovely Stewart Bremmner. He is coming along nicely with his new abstract style and I can also happily report that his famous pies are in fact the business. Mmmmmm.....

Have a great weekend everyone x

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

A Healthy Respect

Hello everyone

This is an unexpected's here because I'm getting a tad tired of hearing about election stats, facts and rats. Also because I never knew that volcanic ash could be quite so fascinating! Seriously, what I find interesting about the Iceland situation is that no matter how high tech and in control we think we are, when mother nature wants to blow a gasket we need to step aside and respect her awesome power.

Since the dawn of time, artists have been in awe and held a healthy respect for nature, documenting her magic on cave and tomb walls. Nature continues to be a source of inspiration to modern day artists, including flower painter Jenny Matthews. Jenny has spent the best part of a year working hard on her solo exhibition which, was scheduled to open on......May 6th! Unfortunately the election interrupted that, so we have moved it to the evening of the 7th. We will be open late on the 6th in case anyone feels the need to look at something a bit more inspiring than a ballot paper. Indeed, perhaps a relaxing look round the gallery with a glass of wine could be just the pre/post election fix you could do with!
Leaving you with this image. Another marvel of nature, a beautiful Magnolia about to blossom, much like the Jenny Matthews exhibition.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Not So Still

Thought we would have a closer peek at a few things in the current "Not So Still" exhibition.
I knew that this exhibition was going to look good, however it's even better than I could have dreamt. I knew a lot of the work had flowers in them, so I thought it important to include some related foliage.
Kicking off with this:
I have already mentioned Union Gallery's humble cactus, mainly in the Jenny Matthews "Full Bloom" entry. Yes, this little fella will be doing his thing shortly, but for now I think he is complementing the following:
"Pot Plant" by Drummond Mayo.
It's just coincedence, but I think that Drummond's gorgeous painting is actually of this particular variety of cactus. My old cactus also works well with this beauty by artist Cathy Campbell:
"Early Morning Studio" by Cathy Cambpell.
Obviously this is not a cactus...a spider plant I think.....feel free to correct me. Either way everyone who views this subtle and delicately balanced painting is in agreement that it's top drawer wor: spines and spiders besides.
Next up:
"Protea and Lace" by Georgie Young.
I adore Proteas, their spiky almost unatural appearance fascinates me. I did worry that I may not get my hands on any for the exhibition.  However, as you can see, I did, care of my mother. Thanks mum!
Proteas are the national flower of South Africa, which I am reliably informed (thank you) is the chosen destination for some important football tournament this year???
"Tulips" by Jean Hall.
I picked tulips from my own garden to compliment Jean Hall's striking painting....that way I knew they wouldn't clash. I even have a spare batch lined up for when these chaps get past their best.
I have a lovely gallery visitor to thank for the use of the Chinese Latterns to compliment Suzanne Kempley's painting. He took pity on me after I told him that Union Gallery hound Harry ate my sprig! I also want to point out that, through the wonders of my shocking camera skills, I have managed to distort the above image. The paintings ARE NOT SQUINT.
I thought better than to get in some kippers for Astrid Trugg's painting:
"Four fish and a lemon" by Astrid Trugg.
I did opt for a lemon though....that way I have an excuse to purchase some gin and tonic which, I have discovered, is an excellent way to take in all of these clever and very beautiful paintings. If you fancy a little pick-me-up whilst viewing some wonderful art then feel free to join me.
Speak soon x

Friday, 9 April 2010

More from Inverleith Park

Hello everyone

With it being such a lovely day here in Edinburgh, I thought I would once again "treat" you all to some of my questionable phototgraphy skills with some snaps from Inverleith Park.
I really liked this one....somone enjoyed there Easter eggs:

I do apologise for Union Gallery hound Harry doing his "thing". He always has to get in on the act!
Wanted to show you a photo of this curious house that sits slap bang in the middle of Inverleith Park. I never see anyone go in or out.

Anyway, it always reminds me of the house that features in artist Fiona Jappy's cracking little painting:

"Time Had Changed It" by Fiona Jappy.
To me the mysterious house in Inverleith has the same feel and draw to it as Fiona's painting. The house looks familiar yet it seems a little out of place in it's location.
And look at the tree "patterns" in the next photo. There's a specific variety of tree in there (I know I'm rubbish with a camera!)

Again, every time I see these trees along the entrance to the Botanic Gardens I always think of another of Fiona Jappy's paintings:

"From There To Here" by Fiona Jappy.
This special painting was acquired by a really thoughtful chap who was buying it for the arrival of his first born. He told Fiona and I that, once the baby arrived he would drive his wife and child to that very location to see the real place. So sweet....I love happy endings!
Will leave you with this cheeky chap:

Introducing "Ritchie the Rat". I paid artist Sally Johns a visit the other day to collect her newest "Barn Owl" which, of course, is absolutely stunning. I noticed they had a new addition to the household who clearly has made himself at home.
Next week back to the "Not So Still" exhibition.
Have a good weekend all x

Friday, 2 April 2010


Greetings everyone
just wanted to show you who's all been hopping into Union Gallery of late.

Yes, that is a spotty leg you see, taking far too much interest in my Easter treat, care of marvellous landscape painter Hazel Cashmore as seen below:

It was lovely to see Hazel Cashmore again. We are in touch quite a bit, but nothing beats a good old face to face chinwag. We enjoyed a fabulous "coffee morning" together, topped off with cheese cake.......we did NOT count the calories. I should say that Hazel felt a little nervous about being snapped infront of her own painting, but she should be incredibly proud of her work! Actually, the whole morning was lovely, not only to spend time with Hazel, but she got the opportunity to meet artists Cathy Campbell and Georgie Young. It was wonderful to have three such brilliant and creative brains under one roof, genuinely enthused to meet each other and see their work. I think it may even have cracked a smile on my scowly face! Hazel and I will be teaming up together for a landscape exhibition later on in the year. I am both thrilled and a tad nervous at the prospect of exhibiting alongside Hazel Cashmore. Will have to sharpen the old paint brushes.
Next Happy Bunny:

Lovely landscape painter John Carberry popped in to check I was "behaving myself". But of course I always behave myself John! I like this photo-me in my diamond print sweater and John sporting the stripes. We shall be seeing more of John's brilliant landscapes shortly......naturally I will keep you posted.
Next Two Bunnies:

Artist Lisa Petterson brought in little Hugo for a look round the gallery. Little Hugo recently celebrated his 1st birthday (Happy Birthday Hugo!) and like all children who visit the gallery he was so excited by sculptor Barbara Franc's "Little Donkey". As I say all kiddies who visit the gallery always seem attracted to the sculptures and I encourage this wholeheartedly. How rewarding to share all the talent and imaginations of the brilliant artists showing at the gallery with such little brains. Apart from reading books, fresh air and exercise (I know, what a fuddy duddy) what could be more inspiring than visiting an art gallery.....and it's free! Children are always so genuine and really switched on when they visit the gallery, but at only a year old, Hugo was fascinating to watch. Me thinks perhaps he has inherited his mummies creative genes.
Last but by no mean least:

Charming gallery visitors Sara Jane Robinson and Joanna Moor couldn't resist a wee tickle at Barbara Franc's "Palmer"

Happy Easter Everyone x