Saturday, 29 May 2010

Lights, Camera, Action!

Hello Everyone,
Union Gallery welcomed the arrival of a film crew from Republic Productions the other evening.  On the recommendation of a client who had recently purchased a particularly nice Jenny Matthews - thanks!  They used the gallery space to film a new commercial for Scottish Widows.

The wonderful crew from Republic Productions
There is even talk of a small cameo role by yours truly.....Cannes here I come!  Keep your eyes peeled for some lovely shots of the gallery on your telly soon.
And leaving you with this happy image:

I had the pleasure of being introduced to Roca the other day.  At nearly 12 years old, Roca is absolutely adorable.  As you can see, he made himself right at home in the gallery.
This is the final weekend of the Jenny Matthews solo exhibition, so it's not too late to come in to view what has been a truly stunning and hugely successful exhibition.
Last but by no means least: massive congratulations to our friends Rory and Olivia, who's first born arrived on 28 May.  Also sending best wishes to lovely artist Sally Johns on her wedding day - today.  Look out for Sally's new work in our next exhibition - she's been busy!   

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Special Petals

Hello everyone
So the Jenny Matthews exhibition continues to impress and delight all those who view her work.
Even the boys from as far as Bavaria couldn't help but be moved by these beautiful paintings.

Interesting the groom to be's favourite piece was "Wild Roses and Campion" explaining (in his better English than my German) that his missus to be would love it. Sadly, there were a few other parties that also loved it so he couldn't have it!

"Wild Roses and Campion" by Jenny Matthews. Very delicate and summery, beautiful.
Leaving you with this. I mentioned before that humble Union Gallery cactus played an important role in Jenny's exhibition. The cactus, as old as myself, (so not very old at all!) spends the whole year looking dowdy and as one gallery visitor observed "like it's been sat on by a cat". However, in the month of May it explodes into life with a spectacular display of gorgeous pink flowers:

Right on time for Jenny Matthews exhibition. Good things happen in May, the weather makes an improvement, trees blossom and little birds are born. It's an uplifting time of year and the perfect month to exhibit Jenny Matthews work.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Little Things

Hello everyone

We had a gorgeous end to the day on Wednesday, so I thought I would take a relaxing stroll round Inverleith Park with Union Gallery hound Tommy.
I think I'm very lucky to live in such a wonderful city and to be able to find places of calm and nature just a short stroll away. On our travels I spotted this little fella:

This is a Small Tortoiseshell butterfly. It is the same species that features in Jenny Matthews painting.....

"Moonlight Meadow" by Jenny Matthews. The butterfly in this gorgeous painting has been lovingly observed from life. This is the actual butterfly that Jenny found on her doorstep one December. Amazing!
I like this painting a lot. I particularly like the contrast between the meticulous detail, say the tiny blue dots on the butterlfys wings, and the lose and fluidly painted background. You probably can't see from this little image, but there is also some exquisite drawing work in the foreground...again in black. Very slick indeed.
Leaving you with this:

Bang on trend! Even Union Gallery hound Tommy is getting into the feel of Jenny Matthews' exhibition with his own little floral offering. However, DO NOT be fooled by his cutesy appearance!
Speak soon

Sunday, 9 May 2010


Hello everyone

Friday night saw us have a thoroughly enjoyable opening of Jenny Matthew's solo exhibition.....even the weather went according to plan!
The exhibition is truly stunning. The paintings are both beautiful and uplifting to look at and it's lovley watching the response of visitors. Everyone who sees the paintings are touched by them. It's so rewarding to see so many smiles and great that Jenny is getting such wonderful feedback.

A lot of very impressed visitors that night. Good stuff.
A huge thank you to Jenny for all her hard work......was certainly worth it!

This is one of my (many) favourites. "Marie's Choice". Titled because, on seeing the unusual and exotic flower, Jenny's daughter became quite excited. The flower is "Celosia", meaning "pink fan flower" and it originates from the Tropics. Beautiful .....well done Marie.
Speak soon

Monday, 3 May 2010


"April showers bring forth the May flowers". English Proverb.

The last year has seen Jenny Matthews working and prepairing for her show. This exhibition will be both beautiful and uplifting to view. Just the ticket!

Opens Friday x