Wednesday 27 November 2013

Christmas Is Coming!

The Countdown to Christmas begins!
And we have a real cracker of an exhibition for you!

Hope you can all make it in to feast your eyes on this :)

Saturday 16 November 2013


Hello everyone

The Barbara Franc mania continues here at UG which explains why this blog has been a little quiet of's been super busy round these parts!

As some of you will know Barbara has made some amazing, mischievous red squirrels as part of her Menagerie solo exhibition so I thought we'd take a look at 3 of my all time favourites.
Lets start with this little fella:

'Plain and Jam', steel wire and recycled decorative tins by Barbara Franc.
He is christened such by the biscuits tins that make up much of his perfectly sculpted body.
I adore the tiny snowflake motif on his paws and tail.
And this speedy little girl:

'Yellow Flower', steel wire and recycled decorative tins by Barbara Franc.
I think you can probably see how she got her name. It's funny, it's not just me that can tell by looking at a piece wither it's a boy or girl. Lots of gallery visitors refer to Barbara's animals as she or he. You can just tell! It's a credit to Barbara's skill that she can give each piece such character and personality.
Last but definitely by no means least:

'Tea Leaf', steel wire and recycled decorative tins by Barbara Franc.
I just adore this little guy. He sits in the window and gets so much attention. He's a cheeky chap who looks like he's in a hurry, possibly because he's just pinched someone else's nuts? I'm particularly fond of his flowery, red legs.
'Tea Leaf' is also Barbara's favourite squirrel and I can't understand why he's not got a home yet.
I'm confident he will though, so in the meantime I just enjoy watching his mischievous manner.

Leaving you with this:

They say a picture says a thousand words and I do believe this lovely photo says a lot about how people are reacting to Barbara's incredible creations.

Have a great weekend all!