Monday, 29 March 2010

Not so still

Hello everyone

Just thought I'd let you know whats going on in Union Gallery at the moment.
Last month saw me take delivery of some of the finest still life paintings I have seen. Indeed, the gallery is looking uber sophisticated, elegant, grown up and classy......all adjectives I am not normally associated with!

It was wonderful to finally meet Cathy Campbell and of course to finally see her work for real! I knew I wasn't going to be disappointed: see that little one at the front there? "Winter Table" its absolutely gorgeous and I have it strategically positioned opposite me in the gallery, so I can look at it all day. Cathy has never shown in Edinburgh before, so I am thrilled to have found her and to be able to show you all her beautiful work. She's fascinated by light and how it falls on the objects in her paintings. She can work for months on a single painting, as she likes to go back to the piece and capture it at different times of the day. The paint is super thick on some of her work, at times actually forming peaks.....delicious!

And take a look at this little treaure. "Orchid in Brass Pot" by Suzanne Kempley. If you look really, really closely you can just make out Suzanne's reflection in the pot. You can just see her and her easel as she works away at the painting.....amazing! It's hanging on the wall right now so if you can't make it out from this little image, come in and I'll show you. Suzanne also takes a long time to produce her work as everything she has ever painted has been observed from life. She wouldn't dream of using photographs.
The next piece is possibly my favourite of Suzanne's:

"Gourd with White Flowers". Those delicate little white flowers look like collage, however it is actually painted. The shadow under the gourd in the foreground is painted in gold leaf.  Again, quite stunning.
And what about this tasty number:

"Evening" by Astrid Trugg. This painting has so much charm and I adore the subtle palette. Again, you may not be able to make it out from this image but, on the grey section of the background there is written a list of some of my favourite things.....Tarte aux chocolate, sorbet, chocolat chuad. Heaven on a canvas - well board actually. Astrid works on board as she likes to build up layers of paint, then scrape back and build them up again to achieve the desired effect.
Another artist who prefers to work on board and uses layering and scaping away of paint is the wonderful Georgie Young:

"Protea and Lace" has the actual lace imprints on it. Some of which I believe to be the designs of her own father who was a lacemaker. Beautiful.
Another lacey number:

"Tulips" by Jean Hall. Quite a lot of Jean's work derives from an interest in Indian fabrics and other objects, having lived there for some time. I so enjoy the sense of order and calm in Jean's work.
We will be taking a closer look at the work in the Not So Still exhibition, paying particular attention to the flowers used.
After hours. I am leaving you with this happy image.We were blessed with a little visit from artist David Hosie (left) who came in just after the opening of the exhibition. Interestingly, he was immediately drawn to Cathy Campbell's work.

Speak soon x

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