Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Going FULL BLOOM!: Jenny Matthews solo

Hello everyone
I decided to set myself a little project the other day to get my brain into the "zone", in preperation for the spectacular Jenny Matthews solo exhibition in May. I did something similar before during the Christmas Exhibition. We were showing Janet Melrose's stunning paintings, some of which featured the little birds that visit her garden. I went on a reckie to do a spot of bird wathching.....only then did I fully appreciate the difficulties of trying to paint the wee blighters....they wont hold still!
So this time, armed with my wonderful wellies, a spotty dog and camera, I decided to get myself inspired by the flora around Edinburgh.

During the expedition the spotted one thought he'd found himself a girlfriend, however sensible Crombie took one sniff of Harry and thought better of it!

I was trying to pick out certain types of flowers in keeping with Jenny Matthews style: she likes the kind that suprise you, have grown quite happily on their own, not necessarily really exotic or overly manicured specimens. I also picked out a few of my own favourites, probably because like a lot of other people I am so glad to see them finally here.....we have defeated another winter! That's why we are having the Jenny Matthews solo exhibition. It seemed fitting to celebrate getting through a particulary tough winter, and rather grim year for many people, by putting on this beautiful exhibition. Everyone is welcome to come and celebrate with us!
Back to the project:
I confess to actually having taken this photo (not a bad one if I may so so myself!) back in February. These snowdrops are the first to come out in Edinburgh and every year I make a point of going to visit them.

Yes, I am sure I am not alone in being very glad to see these fellas. Although I do remember them one year being out in full glory during March.....then being snowed on! I picked this one out as it was just the couple of flowers in the middle of no where. Who put that bulb there then?
I came across this on my adventures:

I think both artists Jenny Matthews and Janet Melrose would like this. A perfect little bit of nature, lovingly and dutifully crafted. I would just like to point out that I found this little nest (probably last years) lying at the side of the path....I did not take it out of a tree!

The bravest of the brave: Helleborus makes an appearance in January when all the other sensible flowers have shut up shop. I noticed that artist David Hosie had one of these potted up in his studio on my recent visit. It's a pretty tough species, so may survive ok in doors.
Leaving you with this picture as it put a smile on the old scowly:

Edinburghs finest. Two lovely WPCs take some time out to allow the children to pat the horses. I wanted to have a pat myself but unfortunately the spotted one made it impossible. This was in Inverleith Park, which I will show you a couple more snaps of soon....with a bit of a Fiona Jappy artist theme.
Bye bye for now x

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