Friday, 12 March 2010

All Systems Are GO!!

Hello everyone
There's so much going down at Union Gallery at the moment, with Rob and I making various pit stops all over the city, visiting some exceptional artists to see their masterpieces taking shape.  This has been pretty exciting, and here is the latest news:

Lovely artist Stewart Bremner paid me a visit the other day having just purchased the ingredients for his fabulous tarts from our neighbours at Real Foods.  As well as being a creative individual, he is also pretty gifted with the old pots and pans and I have been on a promise of one of his legendary cheese and broccoli flans for some months now.  Stewart tells me that there has been quite a lot going on in his life lately, and that inevitably this is channelling his work.  His painting is taking quite a dramatic change, going down a more abstract route.  I think this will be a good move for him and I will be very interested to see the new work.  I will keep you posted....  I will also let you know if the cheese and broccoli flan really is legendary!
Speaking of legendary, have a look at this, people:

Inside the hub of uber slick and meticulous artist Philip Braham.
Just wait until you see what Philip Braham can do folks.....spellbinding:
These pieces are painted on copper as Philip was on a quest to achieve the most flawless and immaculate finish possible.  Philip Braham has made the broadsheets a few times of late, and we are incredibly proud, impossibly excited, and a tad in awe at the thought of him showing in our Festival Exhibition - just remember that you saw him at Union Gallery first. 
Here's a last look at Philip's studio:
The Festival Exhibition is going to be a bit of a show stopper, showcasing the work of some of the finest artists currently living and working in Edinburgh: nothing like a bit if home-grown talent.
Next week I will be taking my life into my hands by visiting the residence of sculptor extraordinaire  John Brazenall.  Word in the art world is that John B has a bit of a rep for being a bad boy, such is his passion for credible art.  However, in defence of Mr Brazenall I must say that , apart from our 'dancing' incident, I have always found him to be the perfect gentleman!  Either way, I am on a quest to seek out the elusive 'Pop Gun' sculpture as another signature piece for the Festival Exhibition.  Intriguing , no?  If there are no further entries to this blog from me, you'll know that it all went horribly wrong!
A wee image of John Brazenall, the legend himself, at the preview of our David Hosie exhibition last September.
Next up, a very important and highly rewarding studio visit to award winning artist Jenny MatthewsJenny has spent the last year working towards her solo exhibition at Union Gallery, opening in MayJenny Matthews' flower paintings are much admired and highly collectable - she has consistently made the top five in the list of Scotland's best and most influential watercolour painters.  There will be a lot of interest in her exhibition, so if any of you want a heads up on the work, I will be more than pleased to accomodate you.
So this is Jenny in her beautiful studio, about which I couldn't help but be impressed with how organised and productive it was.  Everything is finely tuned towards Jenny being able to produce these exceptional paintings; her 'special' space is drenched in light, so important to her work, yet there are blinds to counteract the effects of the light becoming too harsh.  Jenny's studio is a calm, clean, organised and quiet space, allowing her to focus completely on her work, of which in my humble opinion, I have recently seen some of the best.
Here's a little preview:

I haven't given away too much as I would like to encourage as many of you as possible to come and see them for me, you won't be disappointed.
OK, signing off now, but I will end by showing you a pic of this humble catcus as, believe it or not, it had a pivotal role in organising the Jenny Matthews Solo Exhibition:
All will be explained in due course!
Lots more happening next week, including the highly anticipated visit from wonderful landscape artists Hazel Cashmore.  I do hope she brings along her fan, HRH The Prince of Wales to Union Gallery, where he will be greeted with a mug of the best coffee in town.
Tomorrow evening, Rob and I are off to award winning artist and genius Olivia Irvine's birthday party.  There is a 1970's theme....I'll be sure to take the camera.
Have a good weekend all.......

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