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Hello everyone
So the pit stops continue, and the end of last week saw us rejuvinated, insprired and uplifted by a visit to the studio of Georgie Young.
Some of you may remember my earlier entries to the blog re. Georgie Young's work, and my confession that it upset me as a painter......she's just too good! Only now do I accept that I will never paint like Georgie: she has her own unique and distinctive style, and no one else comes close. Excellent, she has worked a long time to achieve that.
Anyway, Georgie is very cool and down to earth, yet her paintings mean a lot to her, so she suggested we visit to take a look at the new paintings she has been working very hard on for our "Not So Still" exhibition. Not for a second did I fear that the work wouldn't be up to her usual standards however, I wasn't quite prepared for just how good it is. Indeed, I have my sights set on a smaller piece....but I'm not going to tell you which one...someone might buy it to tease me!

This is Georgie's cat, Elvis, over-seeing proceedings. Interesting just how many artists are animal lovers...that could be a wee blog in itself. See the Protea flowers in the background? They will be making an appearance in Georgie's work.
We chatted a lot about her work and the enjoyment/angst of being an artist. It's like a love/hate relationship that you can never brush off!
Here's another wee image of Georgie's lovely studio. A mellow and relaxed space....much like the artist herself.

Georgie lives on the top floor and the views across Edinburgh are incredible. Aparently she's very popular during the Edinburgh Fireworks displays. I can see why...may even try to wangle a seat myself.
We briefly touched on how some of the objects that feature in her still life paintings are quite personal. I can see why certain objects have been painted with care, devotion and love.

I think the Paisley Hen is one of the more fun objects that will feature in Georgie's new work and it was really  interesting to see the actual thing - a part of the artist's life.

This is Georgie demonstrating what her next move will be in finalising her latest painting.....and although it's pretty nailbiting stuff, I am confident she will pull if off. You must come along and see Georgie's and all the other new work in the "Not so still" exhibition opening March 25th. We'll be having a wee party.
The next idol visit:
I was agian lucky enough to visit the epicentre of my former tutor David Hosie's studio last week. I have been to David's special place quite a few times since Union Gallery opened, David being a key figure in its development, and I find that each visit keeps me in tune and grounded with the exceptional talents that show in the gallery. David Hosie will be another artist featuring in the Edinburgh Festival Exhibition.....can't wait!
Sure enough on entering David's space I was confronted by this:

This is not a brilliant image of the work, and the piece is still a work in progress, so you're very lucky to see this. As yet the painting doesn't even have a title but I have given it the affectionate name of "Floating Boy and Girl". It will be interesting to see how far of the mark I am when David does christen it.
To me, this outstanding painting has everything - impact, curiosity, magic and mystery. Not only is it brilliantly painted, so much thought has gone into it. I remember seeing "Falling Man" for the first time, when it stopped me in my tracks, and this piece had exactly the same, powerful impact. Only this time I felt rather sad as I started to wonder if this special painting will get the home and appreciation it deserves.
Anyway, here's a wee insight into the life of a contemporary Scottish artist who has dedicated his whole life to painting:

My kind of place! I just know that when David paints, which is everday, he automatically wants everthing to be exactly where he left it.
Thumbimg through David's "note book" ,he dislikes the term sketch book, I can see that he's verging on creativity overload. An awful lot of good stuff going on in that head.
David  Hosie at work:

Yup, really proud to show an artist of such high callibre. You need to see David's latest work during Union Gallery's Festival Exhibition......don't miss out folks!!! The gallery is a public space that we and all the artists who show here want you to experience too.
Coming up......will I survive the meet with sculptor John Brazenall? Eek.
Take care all x

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