Saturday, 6 March 2010

Something for the weekend II

Hello everyone
So February was a busy old month and it looks like March is shaping up much the same. We have visited quite a few studios recently, and more are lined up this month. We shall of course keep you posted on our adventures.
We had a visit from artist Sally Ann Johns the other day, accompanied by her brother who, it turns out, is pretty niffty with the camera. He took some amazing snaps of the gallery and it was interesting to see the space "distorted", if you like. The work still looks amazing though....

I also wanted to go back to artist Ruth Addinal's work. Rememeber the "Mug & Ivy" piece I raved about in the Tweet Tweet entry? I compared her work and style to an all time favourite artist of mine, Henri Rousseau. Well a certain person who shall remain nameless (Rob) remarked that he didn't see it and thought that I was maybe a bit off the mark. Anyway, always keen to prove that I am in fact CORRECT on these matters, I thought I would give it another go and came up with this:

"Fantasay Garden" by Ruth Addinal.

A classic jungle scene by the wonderful Henri Russeau. (This is a wee print I have hanging in the gallery loo as I love to be surrounded by my favourite images.) I rest my case.
Also, leaving you with I happen to be in a good mood. Have a good weekend all!

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