Saturday, 27 March 2010

Something for the weekend III. Just for fun.

We had a little soiree at Union Gallery the other night with a few close friends. I think now is a good time to thank all our wonderful friends and artists who have been an enormous support and help to us since opening the gallery.
So a ceratin Sam Gough exclaimed the other night that he was fed up of being photographed every time he came into the gallery and never appearing on the blog. BIG MISTAKE!
So in celebration of my wonderful friend Sam....this is for you.

Lovely Sam, can communicate and make friends with everyone. He knows no barriers and loves all. (That's Sam on the left by the way.)
He is smart, witty, runs in marathons for charity, and the life and soul of any party:

As seen here, showing off with more of our wonderful friends. "Truckfest"....dearie me.
He was the instigator behind this curious image. Little Murphy was sound asleep.

But the reasons I love my Sam so much apart from his warmth, witt and humour are:
He is a doting and loving father to his "girls"

Rubic and Peggy seen here at Union Gallery.
He is also a loyal and devoted husband to his beautiful missus:

The equally lovely Nina Gough......tickled pink by the painting of the cocks!

Me and my Sam. We salute you Mr Gough.
To the regular followers to the blog I do apologise for the temporary lowering of standars. This is purely a blip and normal service shall resume shortly.
Have a great weekend x

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