Tuesday, 2 March 2010

The Dog, Cat and Squirrel!

Hello all
I am itching to show you the new works that have arrived form sculptor Barbara Franc....they are amazing!
Before we do so just thought I'd show you who payed us a visit the other day:
TV chef Clarissa Dickson Wright came in with her friend to have a look at Barbara Franc's "Sisters". The piece being based on 2 female members of the Cholmondeley family of whom Clarissa is a close friend. After a little look round Clarrisa homed in on sculptor Carl Newman's "Leaping Hare". She will be giving the piece to her friend who is the president of the National Coursing Association who, I am told, loves work featuring hares. However, they rarely find works that depict the movement of a Hare so accurately. Well done Carl and what a fab present!
Anyway back to Barbara's new work. I had been looking forward to getting these pieces for a while now. The "Alley Cat", being a commission, already had a home to go to, however we still have the dog and the red squirrel which I can assure you are well worth a look. Here's a quick look at their arrival:
"Red Squirrel" was quite easy to handle and happy to pose for the camera:

Pooch put up a bit more of a fight with his little bandaged legs. So cute:

Here he is in full glory
"The Little Dog Laughed to See Such Fun" by Barbara Franc. Barbara kindly sent a couple of images to us of "Alley Cat" in the making and I love the look of her studio, would like a good rummage around in there! See.....
The little beastie in the bottom right of the picture above actually ended up as part of the "Alley Cat's" leg.

That's one of the brilliant things about Barbara's sculptures. There's so much work and detail in them and you keep finding wonderful little details and decorative aspects. Her ability to give the pieces personality and character is also amazing.
Peek a boo!

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