Wednesday, 24 February 2010


Hello everyone
I promised we would take a closer look at the new body of work by landscape painter Hazel Cashmore. To be honest, I have been looking forward and dreading this entry in equal measure. The work is so good and of such a high standard I am really not sure I have the correct words to do it justice. I am however convinced that when you see the work for real, what I have to say won't really matter.....these exceptional paintings will hold their own. I know this is true from the feedback we have been given about Hazel's work and that some of them have new homes already.
Just look at these:

"Last Glow" by Hazel Cashmore.

"Beyond and Beyond" by Hazel Cashmore.
I am really enjoying the above piece. It has an amazing horizon where it's not quite clear where the land ends and the sky begins. It draws you in on a journey and it really does feel like the sky and land could go on forever. "Beyond and Beyond" is the perfect title for this large painting which was picked out by another happy couple. I have mentioned before that Hazel lives in Thurso and is of course constantly exposed to the challenging, broody and inspiring landscape of the North, as demonstrated in "Last Glow". It's also apparent that the recent wintery conditions were a big inspiration in Hazel's work. The following piece, which I am becoming obssesive about, is a perfect example:

"Winter's Dusk behind the Loch" by Hazel Cashmore.
Hazel has spent the last few months engrossed in her studio where I just know she would have pushed and pushed herself to achieve the "perfect" painting, her best ever work. I think this hard work and dedication has more that paid off. I am obviously a huge fan of Hazel's work indeed, the first painting to grace Union Gallery's walls was a Cashmore. That very proud moment is captured below:

Such was my enthusiasm to see the first Cashmore on the walls.....they weren't even painted yet!
So I am a massive admirer - however she has another big fan. Such is Hazel's reputation as a fine landscape painter that it has even attracted the attention and admiration of Royalty:
When Charles met Hazel!
As landscape painters, Hazel and I share a mutual respect for each others work. We also share quite a lot in common: our love for our doggy companions, appreciation of classical music and colourful shoes! I will also add that Hazel's encouragement, wisdom and experience as an artist in the weeks leading up to the opening of Union Gallery were of enormous support to me and I will always be grateful.