Friday, 12 February 2010


Hello everyone
We interrupt coverage of the "Call of The Wild" exhibition to bring you this special little blog as it's fast approaching that time of year again. The time of year when, if you are in a relationship you are expected to waste a lot of money on cheesy, four foot teddy bears and questionable dining experiences. Or if you are single, made to feel utterly useless and the loneliest person on the planet. Oh yes ladies and gentlemen, it's Valentines Day!!
(No doubt I will struggle to open the door on Sunday for the mountain of mail that will be waiting for me.)
Love comes in all shapes and forms and there's no escaping that love is one of the most powerful emotions that us human beings will ever experience. Love has inspired artists, musicians and poets for centuries. I thought I would mark this romantic occassion by showing you the piece below by one of our very own modern day Masters.
"Edinburgh Lovers" by Henry Kondracki.
I don't actually have this wonderful painting in the gallery, however I have been lucky enough to see the real deal a couple of times now. It's a large scale piece with a sweeping panorama, and you really do feel like you are on top of Calton Hill with the wind whistling around you. The happy couple look completely at ease with each other and are having a great timein spite of the rain. What I personally love about this painting is the unusual light. I think it must be early evening and I enjoy the little details like the street lights and illuminated clock face. Beautiful.
Of course if you were keen to see it then give me a shout as it can be easily arranged.

Well, whatever you are doing this weekend I hope you have fun. If you are passing the gallery I will be attempting to get into the romantic mood with French Fancies and Champange.....or maybe just wine.

Don't go breaking any heARTs now.....sorry.

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