Tuesday, 9 February 2010

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Hello everyone
Having spent the weekend trying and failing to communicate in Higher Grade French the benefits of owning an original piece of Scottish Art, to our 6 Nations Rugby visitors, it's back to business as usual.
And I thought I would kick start the week by focusing on these little beauties:

"Pink Bird" by Ruth Addinall.
"Ivy & Mug" by Ruth Addinall.
The title of Union Gallery's current exhibition is "Call of The Wild" and the exhibition includes some stunning bird, landscape and flower paintings alongside some excellent animal sculptures. I was going to keep Ruth Addinall's "Mug and Ivy" painting back for the next exhibition however, there is some foliage in there and it's a gorgeous, classy little painting, so it qualifies! I have to confess to being so taken with these two that I took them home with me to show Rob as he hadn't seen any of Ruth's work before. We spent the whole evening discussing their merits.
I guess you would call Ruth's style "niave", which is something a lot of painters would love to be able to achieve. On first viewing "Pink Bird" I got excited as it put me in mind of one of my all time favourite painters, Henri Rousseau and in particular a piece I adore:

"Tiger in a Tropical Storm" by Henri Rousseau.
Ok "Tiger in a Tropical Storm" is much larger than Ruth's "Pink Bird" but I think you can see the similarities. "Pink Bird" maybe on a much smaller scale but this jewel can hold it's own in its own charming way. They are also presented to perfection in understated yet classy frames as you can see in the next image:

I am also getting as lot of pleasure looking at "Bird Study I & II". To me they sit perfectly on the back wall alongside Hazel Cashmore's to die for landscapes. Have a wee look......

There has been a staggering amount of interest in this exhibition with a lot of the work finding new homes already. Again I am so proud of the quality of paintings and sculpture on display and would be only to happy to put the kettle on if you want to come in for a closer look. Aparently I make a decent cup of coffee. Coming up next Mark Nicholas Edward's astounding "Wall of Fish".
Until then au revoir.........I think.

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