Friday, 5 February 2010

Birthday Blog

Hi everyone
I mentioned that February was shaping up to be a busy, busy month and so far it is. However, I would like to rewind to Tuesday the birthday. I am not going to tell you how old I am. Let's just say I am incredibly youthful.....obviously.
It was lovely to turn up at the gallery and find a bundle of cards under the door. Some very lovely, and some just down right rude so I won't be showing you. The one below cracked a smile on my extremely youthful face.
Inside another:

Lovely. I was working on my birthday, but decided to mix the day with a healthy work/play balance. The day started off well with a new delivery from sculptor Carl Newman. I was particularly keen to see the piece below as it's a new line from Carl.

Oh yes....he is lovely. In fact he was only on the wall for a day before he hopped off to a new home. Again I even liked the little "nest" he arrived in.

My day was brightened even further with a visit from award winning artist Henry Kondracki. My ice cream van hero strikes a pose:

Note the red Greyfriars art doubt the contents will end up another Kondracki masterpiece.

Birthday bouquet. A wee posy from a secret admirer.
Followed by a spot of working lunch.......

We splashed out with that reduced to clear beef from Scotmid!!
The afternoon was also exciting as I anticipated the arrival of Hazel Cashmore's new work. I will be going into Hazel's work in more detail soon. I will say that when the work was being unwrapped there were a lot of "wows". One after the other, each piece as good as the other. I wasn't expecting them to arrive in such a whopping great lorry. Or to be handled by such a friendly courier driver!

Then another delivery from Sally Johns. When I first viewed Sally's work the response was instant. A mixture of excitement and curiosity. I haven't seen anything like her work before. It's fab.

A sneak preview of Sally Johns "A Blue Bird".

And look at Mr Barn Owl. With all that gold leaf (which must have been painstaking for Sally to apply) he looks dazzling in the gallery window. He is certainly getting a lot of attention.
The exhibition night was a real HOOT.....sorry.

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