Friday, 30 October 2009

Trick or Treat....and sweet dreams

Well with it being Halloween readers I wanted to bring to your attention this thought provoking work of Art....

Get ready....

Here it is.....

"Night Walk with Toby" by Derek McGuire.

Derek's paintings are all unique and a lot of thought goes into them. Much of his work is profoundly autobiographical. His paintings involve a lot of layering-much like the thought process that goes into them. This special painting was inspired by Derek's daughter Jessie. Derek's mother is quite nervous about her dog Toby being around Jessie and on one occassion shouted at Toby. Jessie picked up on the sense of urgency of the moment and later that night had a dream about it. This is Derek McGuire's interpretation of what that dream may have been like for 3 year old Jessie. A little insight into the imagination of a child where fear and terror exists. It may sound spooky however, the painting has an engaging dream like quality to it. With the layering process involved, this is a classic example of a beautiful painting that deserves to be viewed up close and personal. For that reason "Night Walk with Toby" is hanging in the gallery window at present....for all to see over Halloween. I must say it looks stunning in the evening with the lights on it. Pure poetry!

Lets also take a look at this mysterious and exquisite graphite drawing by Christine Clark.

I like "Warm Viened Roots" a lot. A really fab, delicate drawing. I don't think you see enough examples of good draftmanship in galleries. I remember the words of my dear father ringing in my ears..."you will never do a good painting without a good drawing". He was a scary teacher!
On a lighter note. I spotted this on the railings of Broughton Street.

Love it. Kind of looks like me on a Monday....

And this little guy was posted into us by superb landscape painter Hazel Cashmore.
It cracked a smile on the scowl...thanks Hazel.

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