Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Little Treasures

I recently took delivery of some new work from the charming artist Mark Nicholas Edwards. He is another talent whose work I have enjoyed for a few years now and I am lucky enough to own one of his "treasures". I also love Koi Carp and sometimes visit the Botanic Gardens to see the Carp in the ponds. I find it very theraputic to watch them clamly bobbing about, not a care in the world. Mark's work has been a big hit at the gallery and he has quite a following already. These new pieces are scoring high on the gorgeous radar! His choice of title's for them are spot on too. I was also really keen to see them on a black back ground as I know a couple who bought a large piece that was to be hung on a black wall. Very stylish I thought.

(Also hoping Santa might be reading this)

"Little Treasures I" by Mark Nicholas Edward.

"Little Treasures II" by Mark Nicholas Edward.

I should point out that these beautiful little pieces are only 13x13cm yet the work in them is quite astonishing. The above piece being a good example. The shading on the right hand side and the work on the scales and fins looks painstaking. A labour of love.

"Little Treasures III" by Mark Nicholas Edward.
Last little treasure.....

"Little Treasures IV" by Mark Nicholas Edwards.

Again this treasure got a gasp. The Koi in this piece are a mere 3cms yet the attention to detail is incredible. Also for such a little painting I think the composition is perfect. I also know that to achieve that slick, glossy, black back ground is a difficult process for Mark. I should image even more so on such a tight scale.

Real little "gems"..... brilliant work.

In the studio space next to Mark works another artist whose work we show.

Imogen Alabaster's work has proved so irresistible that we have none left! However we will be lucky enough to be given another 4 pieces for our Christmas Exhibition. Looking forward to seeing them.

"Affection is what I need" by Imogen Alabaster.

Another cracking title by another clever artist.

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