Friday, 23 October 2009

Something for The Weekend I. (Just for fun.)

Ok so you can probably guess that we are quite serious about our Art round these parts. I have even been know to spin round with excitement whilst talking about certain artists.....(yes I am sure you do remember that!). Should you be lucky enough to stumble past the gallery windows you may even catch a glimpse of my screwed up wee face scowling at the computer screen. Deep in concentration. However, even I can allow the odd spot of humour to creep into the gallery.

So would like to share a few oddities with you:

Introducing the gallery hounds....

This cheery little face belongs to Tommy our adorable pooch form Boxer Welfare.

This is Harry introducing himself to Barbara Franc's "Palmer". Harry is also a rescue pooch and is proving to have a bit of a "nose" for art. As you will see from the next couple of pics.........

Harry was most taken by "David Hosie's "Man Observing Horizon". And was thrilled when he sniffed out the deadly talented Dylan Lisle's "Object of Desire".

We have probably mentioned our great fondness for Broughton Street. There is such a cool vibe round here and never a dull moment. Just the other day I managed to capture (badly...did I mention I am cack with a camera?) These curiosities.....

I have no idea what the over-sized monkey's head was all about. One can only assume (hope) that it was part of a float. There are a couple of other weird things in front of monkey. The next pic put a wee grin on the scowly face.

The next 2 images never fail to crack a smile. Just a few doors up from the gallery is the delectable Pizza Piccante. Suppliers of the famous Deep Fried Mars Bar. Just the ticket for sorting out the ARTeries! I know... awful.

Rob has just informed me that my lilly feet are not unlike hooves in this picture! Charming.....bring on the onslaught of insulting comments.
Just minutes walk from the gallery is the Edinburgh institution that is Dofos petshop. That wonderful frontage is unmistakable and hasn't changed for decades.

Now immortalised by award winning artist Henry Kondracki.

Once again the proud owners of this little masterpiece are overjoyed with their latest acquisition. Nice.