Friday, 16 October 2009

A brief history

We have a lot of catching up to do.
In the last 4 months we have seen some exceptional artwork and people come and go. We will attempt to cram in some highlights.......

"Introducing" was Union Gallery's inaugural exhibition. It showcased the work of many of the talented artists that will be showing on a regular basis. There are too many to mention however, here is a small selection...

"The Dorsodura"

Douglas Snedden, "The Dorsoduro". I have been a big fan of Dougie's work for years and we were very proud to hang this piece on our wall. It did not take long for an Art lover & enthusiast to single this piece out and add to her very fine collection.

Dylan Lisle. I viewed Dylan's work a few years back at an Art Fair and was blown away by his skill. So began my admiration for his work. Dylan is acclaimed for his figurative work however, I came across these quite personal pieces at his studio and immediately could see how very special and unique they were. They have a serious wow factor to them and again it did not take long for many others to see this and for a wonderful lady to take them back with her to The States. It was great to see her back again in the gallery recently and, like me getting really excited by his work.

& and "Puffin" by Dylan Lisle.

"Sorrow" followed on from the above pieces and also caught the eye of another Art enthusiast... all the way from Dubai. The gentleman in question has a discerning eye and a knack at seeking out special paintings. I admire Dylan's total dedication to his work and should point out he has managed to achieve all this even with a broken leg!

Shona Finlay. Again another fantastic painter. I love the "energy" in her work. She is not afraid to wield a paintbrush and you can feel the drive in her work. However, this piece we have singled out because it has a very relaxed and calm feel to it. It's no surprise the title is very fitting. The lady who bought this has placed it on her mantelpiece in her dinning room to let those who enjoy the odd cigarette know that they are very welcome. A very nice painting.

"Mellow",Shona Finlay. A smoking little painting.

Hazel Cashmore. I too paint landscapes and have always admired Hazel's work and her dedication. She is a "typical" artist and gives herself such a hard time to ensure that every single piece is brilliant and of a certain standard. The first painting to be hung in the gallery space was a Hazel Cashmore landscape and a very special moment.

" Where Land Meets Sky" Hazel Cashmore

Purchased by a lovely family visiting Edinburgh. Originally the piece was meant to be for their holiday home, however now graces the walls of the family home. Hazel lives in Thurso and day to day is exposed to the dramatic scenery of the North.

Lastly: Frances Ross.
As a painter I cannot pretend to be a specialist in the disciplines of a sculptor. Especially those who work in Bronze. I have always had a healthy respect for artists who can translate their work into 3D. Frances is an admirable woman. She is a doctor and. I think that's what gives her work an edge as her eye and brain has been trained to study people and anatomy. She trained under Vincent Butler RSA, at Edinburgh College of Art. Her son, Andrew Ross, is a tree surgeon and a wood turner whose exceptional work can also be viewed at the gallery. Talent frequently runs in the blood!

"Anna". I look at Anna often. I think she has a melancholy and solitary feel to her and I often join her in moments of contemplation. A very special piece indeed.

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