Monday, 19 October 2009

Landmarks: Mixed exhibition of Contemporary Scottish Landscapes

Again, we are still trying to fill you in with what's all been going on at Union Gallery...nearly there!  So time now to let you see a few gems from our current exhibition "Landmarks".

"Autumn Field" by Georgie Young.

I have admired Georgie's exceptional landscapes for many years. Indeed her work has on occassions been know to upset me. As a landscape painter, her style is very much how I would like to paint and it's only been a few years since I have accepted that I simply can't paint like her! The above painting demonstrates why I am such an admirer of her work. This piece "sings". To me everything is spot on: colours and pallette, composition, texture and brush work. No doubt Georgie worked very hard on this piece and the result (in my opinion) is flawless.

It has an obvious "autumnal" theme and I am sure I will not be the only landscape painter who finds this the most inspiring time of the year. Here in Edinburgh, we recently experienced the most beautiful of autumn days. So perfect it was that I decided to get out the camera (I am dreadfull with a camera) and "treat" you readers further afield to some lovely images of Edinburgh in autumn.

"The Bush". I have taken a photo of this shrub every Autumn for the last 3 years. Like the foliage I referred to earlier in Derek McGuire's painting, I haven't got round to finding out what it is called! I just know in the summer (I take a photo then too) that it's covered in beautiful blueish flowers and in autumn the leaves turn a georgeous gold-red colour. Any suggestions?

Visited Inverleith Park and took a couple more poor snaps....

Anyway the sun had brought out lots of people for walks
and there was a really happy atmosphere. The next 2 pics
put me in mind of...........

Henry Kondracki's little gem "Girl with Swan". I love
how he has this gift of capturing really special moments.
I think it's comforting to know we have artists that can
capture moments like these on canvas.

Back to the exhibition:

"Outer Margins" by Dorothy Bruce.

Dorothy was born in Minneapolis. She travelled and painted extensively in the States and Australia before making Scotland her home. The changing light and scenery of the Northern Highlands are a constant source of inspiration to her.  I like this painting a lot and I am lucky enough to get to look at it everyday in the gallery. I like it because even with such strong colours, the piece has a really calm feel to it. It makes me think of a late evening in the height of summer and perhaps the only noises around would be birds or crickets. Nice painting.

Next up:

"The Trek" by Drummond Mayo.

I was lucky enough to grow up with an original Drummond Mayo painting on our walls.  Much like Georgie Young, he has been quite an influenece in my work. Another "wish I could paint like that" artist. Drummond has been painting all his adult life and is another artist that's not afraid to meet head on the medium he works with. This special painting showing a solitary figure embarking on a very long journey received massive attention. It didn't take long for a very thoughtful lady to purchase it for her husband who enjoys a spot of hill walking. Lucky man and nice present!


"Shadowed Sea" by Martyn McKenzie.

I was a tad reluctant when 2nd year student at Edinburgh College of Art Martyn approached the gallery. I felt his efforts should be focused on concentrating on his degree in Drawing & Painting &'s hard work! However he came back a second time and I admired him for this. The work already existed and he explained the work was quite special to him and that he wanted people to see it.We agreed that it should be seen and that it would do no harm for Martyn to experience showing in a gallery. He is also a very fine chap and from what we have seen of his work, a potential name to look out for.  We will be ceratinly be at his Degree Show! Again it didn't take long for someone else to spot this new talent. The lady who bought "Shadowed Sea" is looking forward to taking it home at the end of the exhibition.

Ending on another "gem".

"Yellow Tree III" by John Carberry.

It's generally agreed that nothing beats seeing "the real thing", however this little beauty can hold it's own as a jpeg. It's not a huge painting but it's got loads going for it. You can see from this image the wonderful mark making and texture. I personally enjoy a painting where you can see the brush strokes, it enhances the life in it. I also like the clever composition. A less is more number...... you are invited to walk into this piece and duck in and out of the trees. A nice little painting.