Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Time to Introduce Myself

So far, the work in getting this blog up to date has all been the work of Alison, so I feel it is time to introduce myself.  I am Rob, the other half of the Union Gallery team, and you will see me here quite a bit in the future. 

Union Gallery was created because we both believe we have something a bit different to offer the art loving community in Edinburgh.  We have a genuine admiration for the art we exhibit, and we believe that both artists and collectors alike should be treated with respect and fairness.  We love to show work that is not commonly seen in Edinburgh, and we believe that it is right that a gallery should, occasionally, take the odd risk with its exhibitions.  So far, we have found that people do seem to "get it", and that is why we seem to be getting some really fantastic support from so many areas.

Alison has shown some fantastic art here already, so I felt I should get in on the action and show you some work that I really love that is here at the moment.

Barbara Franc is a London based sculptor who does simply amazing things with wire and recyled materials.  She creates beautiful sculptures that astound everyone who sees them.  Interestingly and perhaps unusually, Barbara works on the form first, without any rigid support, so she can manipulate and change the form as required.  Once she is happy with how it looks, she will insert stiffer wire to create the solidity of the structure.  The result of this painstaking process is a sculpture that works on a number of different levels: yes they look great, but they can also offer animation, vunerability, fun and irony.  See for yourself......

The Lounging Lurcher has had the dog loving fraternity in a right does she get a sculpture to look like it really is rolling around?  Apparently this is based on her own pooch.

And doesn't Little Donkey have a real, 'just born' vunerability?  My personal favourite of the collection.

And how about these two chaps?  Palmer, the Zebra, has a twin called Huntley, explaining the use of recycled biscuit tins as his coat.  And Splendid Stag is just that.....a fantastic and stately figure indeed.

You should come in and have a look.....they really are fabulous.

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