Saturday, 17 October 2009

The Fragility of Optimism: David Hosie Solo Exhibition 2009

"We are confronted with destruction, guilt, conscience and perhaps a frail optimism"
David Hosie September 2009.
I would not like to presume that everyone is familiar with acclaimed figurative painter David Hosie. Although he is based in Edinburgh and has been painting for nearly 30 years, his work is not something you see everyday and his solo exhibition was a real treat. His work is mainly shown in London and further afield. I felt strongly about this, believing that people here should be seeing it. From the amazing comments left in his visitors book, it would appear that many, many agreed that his work has a universal appeal and a narrative to it that we can all relate to. I don't want to "generalise" his work, but to me it's all about human beings and how we react, cope.....or life, and the challenges and strains it can place on us. This may sound a little "heavy" or hard work, yet at the same time David offers symbols of hope and regeneration. We were proud to have been lucky enough to show this amazing exhibition and it was fascinating for me to observe everyone's reaction to the work. Anyone who has an interest in David's work, achievements and contribution to Scottish Painting should contact the gallery.

"Bather, Quiet Night of Quiet Stars".

I have had the hard task of picking out a few key pieces from the exhibition and these two beauties stick out (for obvious reasons) but also because they were the last two to make it. I was lucky enough to see this piece as a work in progress and could see that it was a very special painting in the making and, if time permitted, she should be finished. Sure enough the proud owners of this beautiful painting are thrilled to have her calming influence in their home.

"Falling Man".
I was lucky enough to see this iconic image as a work in progress also. On entering David's studio, "Falling Man" stopped me in my tracks! I struggle to explain the "wow" factor but I do remember the hair on the back of my neck standing on edge. During this exhibition, I (who could resist) made a point of scrutinising the brush work and technique involved in the paintings and on studying "Falling Man's" face noticed the powerful smell of oil paint...still drying. That was a really exciting moment for me!

David Hosie was my tutor at Edinburgh College of Art and I have always considered him a very thoughtful, forward thinking and deep individual. He has been a key figure in the opening of Union Gallery and his support, input and advice has been invaluable.

Gallery Friend and Supporter:

The upstanding Mr McKenna observing David's "Girl with Toy Glider, Study". He has a mean eye for talent.

Another gallery visitor is captivated by "Falling Man".


  1. i am trying to get in contact with David Hosie, can you please tell me if you there is an address, email or telephone number you have for him?

  2. I too, am wondering where he is, we havent heard from him for years.