Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Rat Race: Being Human, Martyn McKenzie

Hello Everyone

So last time we looked at the captivating work of award winning artist Audrey Grant.

Now it's time for the other half of this very 'on trend' exhibition, third year Edinburgh College of Art student Martyn McKenzie:

Martyn McKenzie beside "Marmaris Park Bar" during the installation of 'Being Human'

Boy, where to begin!
Firstly, I think you have to applaud this young man's talent, spirit and conviction. To take on the role of voyeur and translate feelings and scenes we have all experienecd through such young eyes is no mean feat:

"I often find people strange: their actions, the way they infest man-made environments, clustered together in buildings or moving fast across roads or railways lines...We have created such a surreal world: a world to entertain ourselves and to consume".

Well said Martyn. I'm pretty sure I am not alone in agreeing with you that I too find the world a very strange, even scary place (particulary just now) and like many others ask the common question, "what's it all about"?

"Moving Stairs" 2010, oil on board by Martyn McKenzie.

How often do you want to scream out when life becomes increasingly pressurised and the expectations of us as humans becomes too much? Unless you're very lucky we've all been there.
I recently found out that Martyn is the third year students painitng rep at ECA: good choice folks. Martyn is a 'do'er', who gets on with the job and delivers results.

Martyn MacKenzie's talent doesn't just stop with paintings like:

"Ice Cream Break" 2010, oil on board. This painting  shows an  interest in music and live gigs. A little further probing and it turns out that Martyn is a fine musician too. Watch this video - Martyn is not only playing the guitar and singing, he actually wrote this song, "Carousel". At the risk of sounding a bit Cheryl Cole...I'm proud of you Martyn! Enjoy.

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