Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Ending with...

Hello everyone

Firstly, I want to say a huge thanks to all 20 of the artists that made "Small and Perfectly Crafted" so, well, perfect! As there were so many different styles on show it made for a really visually stimulating exhibition. Just the thing to kick-start a new year.
So it was lovely, on the last weeknd of the exhibition, to have an unexpected visit from the lovely artist Cathy Campbell:

Cathy Campbell's still life paintings are truly delicious.
Earlier in the week:

Plotting and planning with artist and partner in crime Stewart Bremner. I was treated to a very tasty supper with home made bread, also delicious.
All the way from NYC:

My father is having a cultural vacation in the Big Apple. I thought it would be nice if he visited Hannah Haworth, creator of "The Hunt", to see her first solo exhibition in New York. Unfortunately, he arrived on a Sunday and the gallery was closed. Thanks for your efforts though Dad, and for sending photographic evidence that you did actually make the trip! This photo is of Auldjo family friend Ian Ferguson. Looks like they're having a good time.
Leaving you with this:

Brave Forsythia is always a welcome blast of colour in February. I think it will also be the perfect floral accompaniment for the next, powerful exhibition:

Being Human opens this Thursday and is definitely an exhibition not to be missed.

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