Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Hello everyone

On Saturday I was blessed with the unexpected, yet very welcome company of some of the talented artists that are partners at UNIONgallery. A perk of the job:) Some even bearing gifts!
First in was award winning artist and egg tempera expert Olivia Irvine:

Thank you Olivia for the perfectly gessoed board. Your generous gesture will be seen again in a new life.
I was delighted to tell Olivia that a representative form Stirling University had visited to see her new work. Stirling University have an original Olivia Irvine in their collection...they have a good eye.
Also, it transpires that we are both somewhat vexed that we missed out of the following little treasure:

"Carousel Horse". Oil & Beeswax on Board by Derek McGuire.
'If you snooze you lose'. A wise phrase that rings in my ears, and Olivia's, evertime I look at this image. Geez.

Next Up:

Abstract artist Trevor Jones (aka dashing Mr Jones) and the deadly talented Dylan Lisle, openly expose my penchant for chocolate.

Who says Yorkies aren't for girls? Nonsense!
Last, but by no means least:

The lovely Homoky family topped off the day with artist Laura Homoky looking as radiant as ever. Aparently Laura sparkled at the recent SSA opening. Best wishes for your second child who will be arriving very soon!
I had been expecting the company of award winning artist David Hosie. However, he was delayed. I believe he may visit today. There's more to come on David Hosie soon. Until then I will leave you with another encouraging image:

They're my heroes!

Speak soon

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