Saturday, 19 February 2011

The Bold & The Beautiful

Hello everyone

So the opening of the "Being Human" exhibition got off to a spanking start!

What a really great night, well attended by artists, buyers and lovely friends and family members of teams Grant and McKenzie. Great things can happen when you all pull together.

This is definitely worth a read:

Here is the footage:


I found this curiosity whilst going through the photos:

I can only assume this was after hours, during the clear up phase. I think I resemble some kind of mischievous, chair stealing gnome! Goes to show I have a sense of humour....sometimes.

A thoughtful gallery visitor and Audrey Grant admirer brought in this beautiful posy of snowdrops from her garden. There's over a hundred snowdrops in there....that's a lot of picking! A warming human touch.

Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Looks amazing!!!!!!! Alison and are very clever.

  2. Hi Dylan

    Glad you like it! It's pretty powerful stuff. Must sort out the a time to do model shoot.