Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Hello everyone

Well folks, we are again fast approaching that dreaded time of year. Oh yes, ladies and gentlemen, Valentines Day. Fear not though, at Union Gallery we believe we have a solution :)
Boycott this over-inflated, marketing, non event of the year! DO NOT feel pressurised into wasting money on cards, chocolates, silly teddies, or worse....a "romantic meal out". Do you really want to be squashed in with a group of equally uncomfortable couples in the name of "love"?
For all you 'singles' out there....we salute you! Revel in your independence and take no notice of what Tesco's, John Lewis, Anne Summers, or any other crass big business 'tells' you what you should be doing on Feb 14th. However, if you are lucky enough to be in a loving and meaningful relationship, and feel the need to signify this in some way, perhaps you should secure a little treasure. And, if you're a happy single, reward yourself and treat yourself to a truly special gift. When you weigh up the cost of 'junk'....the cards, balloons, chocolates and novelty gifts, you will be surprised. Of course, the true beauty of buying an original, meaningful and one-off work of art's everlasting. The current exhibition "Small and Perfectly Crafted" means that you can secure a beautiful work of art for under £200 and is aptly running until Feb 14th for your convenience.
However, if you are a real romantic and beautiful flowers simply can't be overlooked (I salute you too!) then why not invest in somethat will last forever?

"Lilie's". Oil on board by Cathy Campbell.

"Cocolate Cosmos". Watercolour by Jenny Matthews.
With such a beautiful gift you get the best of both worlds...chocolate and flowers that will stand the test of time.
When February 14th comes, have fun whatever you're doing and don't go breaking any hearts! x

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