Thursday, 3 March 2011


Hello everyone

I thought it might be nice to show you some behind the scenes pictures of preparations in the lead up to the 'Being Human' exhibition. Before that, I would encourage those of you who haven't made it in yet to do so -and a HUGE thank you to the visitors who have. I really love this exhibition and I think it's important to value and and encourage the promising talent that is Martyn Mckenzie. Equally you need to experience and contemplate the fragile perfection that is Audrey Grant's work. I'm not sure how long it will be before you can appreciate her work again in this context.
This is Audrey:

All smiles. Having worked intensively for a year to create these beautiful paintings it was essential to get the framing just right. This is Audrey with Jamie from Leith Frame Studio, who's input and advise has been invaluable. The quality of craftsmanship, and attention to detail, from these folks has done Audrey Grant's work justice and ensured this part of the process ran extra smoothly. Thank you:

Leith Frame Studio's pooch 'Bailey' takes it all in his stride.

Again, the presentation of Martyn Mckenzie's work was also critical. Many of his large scale works simply sit right at home in their own skins. However, we thought it was important to include some of his drawings and etchings that demonstrate his thorough research and understanding of the subject matter:

Decisions, decisions! Framing is often an art in itself and getting the balance right can take a bit of thought. This is especially so when it comes to delicate lines and mark making such as:

"Moving Stairs" etching 2010 by Martyn McKenzie.
It's important that the frame enhances rather then encroaches on more delicate works. The less is more rule often applies in these instances.
Leaving you with this:

In keeping with the 'Being Human' theme and continuing with a nod to the unsung and inspirational, this is Betty & John. I see them a lot around these parts, and every time I do they go some way to restore my faith in humanity and the importance of partnerships. Betty & John have been together for an astonishing 51 years and every time I see them they are smiling, holding hands and thriving on each others company. I hope to be this content in my later years.

Speak soon

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