Monday, 21 March 2011

A Tale of 9 Lives

Hello everyone

A big welcome to Douglas Fraser. Thanks for joining us!

This is a happy blog entry to kick start another pawsome week.

I recently made a studio visit to award winning artist Joyce Gunn Cairns MBE's studio to fully appreciate her exquisite work. Joyce will be showing with us in July and I will be sure to let you know all about it in good time. I was very excited by Joyce's work, and was even lucky enough to get a sneaky peek through her drawers. It's not everyday you get to say that!
I was really taken by a small drawing of her dearly departed cat, Seamus, on the studio wall. Sadly I didn't have the presence of mind to take a photo of it at the time, but it struck me because it was very similar to a drawing I did of my own kitty, Pluto, in my art student days:

I sold the original drawing at my degree show so this is a photo of a scan, behind glass, so the image is a bit dodgy. It was much better in real life..... I promise!
Anyway, it got me thinking about how many artists I know that are animal lovers. I wonder if it is that we are quite sensitive souls by nature, and that we enjoy the gentle but fullfilling company of our loyal and unconditional loving friends?
So this blog is for all those studio cats....we can't get enough of you!



We now have Seamus! Isn't he beautiful?

Back to my own pussy:

So here is Pluto who I acquired in my 3rd year at ECA. Being a mug I actually got 2 from the litter, but sadly Holly left this world a long time ago. At the grand old age of 14 Pluto's still up to his old tricks and annoying me by blocking the TV.
Many of you will be familiar with Scottish treasure Elizabeth Blackadder and her cats:

Simply gorgeous.

Northern kitties:

Terrible twosome Lola, left, and Millie, recent studio companions to award winning artist Fiona Jappy who sadly lost her former companion earlier this year. They look like real mischievous moggies!
A regal feline:

This is Rosie, an Egyptian meow.....sorry, Mau! Rosie is studio accomplise to flower painter extrodinaire Jenny Matthews. Here she is getting in on the action:

Now that's a beautiful drawing.
Award winning artist and coincidently, former student of Elizabeth Blackadder, Jenny Matthews will be showing again next year in a duet with fellow contemporary, Janet Melrose. Janet Melrose's stunning solo exhibition will be in May this year. Again, I will let you know all about it.

This is Pearl, the bonnie British Blue. Pearl lives with Andy Green and Karen-Claire Voss who have a most excellent printing company which you can read more about here:
 I really like this little pussy:

This cute little menace is Newton. Ever enthusiastic, but perhaps a bit distracting to outstanding sculptor Barbara Franc. Interestingly, Barbara trained under another Scottish treasure John Bellany, yet progressed into 3D work. Iam VERY excited that Barbara will be having a solo exhibition with us next month. You MUST see it.
Leaving you with this:

"Ginger Cat" oil on canvas by Henry Kondracki.
Ok, so Henry doesn't have a studio cat however, he quite likes moggies and this tiny painting is of his neighbours cat 'Ron' - so named after Ronald Weasley of Harry Potter fame.
I'm a massive fan of Henry Kondracki's work and in my humble opinion he is another Scottish treasure.

So that's a nod to the felines DONE. Next time a pat on the back to the studio hounds.

Speak soon

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