Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Not So Still

Thought we would have a closer peek at a few things in the current "Not So Still" exhibition.
I knew that this exhibition was going to look good, however it's even better than I could have dreamt. I knew a lot of the work had flowers in them, so I thought it important to include some related foliage.
Kicking off with this:
I have already mentioned Union Gallery's humble cactus, mainly in the Jenny Matthews "Full Bloom" entry. Yes, this little fella will be doing his thing shortly, but for now I think he is complementing the following:
"Pot Plant" by Drummond Mayo.
It's just coincedence, but I think that Drummond's gorgeous painting is actually of this particular variety of cactus. My old cactus also works well with this beauty by artist Cathy Campbell:
"Early Morning Studio" by Cathy Cambpell.
Obviously this is not a cactus...a spider plant I think.....feel free to correct me. Either way everyone who views this subtle and delicately balanced painting is in agreement that it's top drawer wor: spines and spiders besides.
Next up:
"Protea and Lace" by Georgie Young.
I adore Proteas, their spiky almost unatural appearance fascinates me. I did worry that I may not get my hands on any for the exhibition.  However, as you can see, I did, care of my mother. Thanks mum!
Proteas are the national flower of South Africa, which I am reliably informed (thank you) is the chosen destination for some important football tournament this year???
"Tulips" by Jean Hall.
I picked tulips from my own garden to compliment Jean Hall's striking painting....that way I knew they wouldn't clash. I even have a spare batch lined up for when these chaps get past their best.
I have a lovely gallery visitor to thank for the use of the Chinese Latterns to compliment Suzanne Kempley's painting. He took pity on me after I told him that Union Gallery hound Harry ate my sprig! I also want to point out that, through the wonders of my shocking camera skills, I have managed to distort the above image. The paintings ARE NOT SQUINT.
I thought better than to get in some kippers for Astrid Trugg's painting:
"Four fish and a lemon" by Astrid Trugg.
I did opt for a lemon though....that way I have an excuse to purchase some gin and tonic which, I have discovered, is an excellent way to take in all of these clever and very beautiful paintings. If you fancy a little pick-me-up whilst viewing some wonderful art then feel free to join me.
Speak soon x

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