Friday, 9 April 2010

More from Inverleith Park

Hello everyone

With it being such a lovely day here in Edinburgh, I thought I would once again "treat" you all to some of my questionable phototgraphy skills with some snaps from Inverleith Park.
I really liked this one....somone enjoyed there Easter eggs:

I do apologise for Union Gallery hound Harry doing his "thing". He always has to get in on the act!
Wanted to show you a photo of this curious house that sits slap bang in the middle of Inverleith Park. I never see anyone go in or out.

Anyway, it always reminds me of the house that features in artist Fiona Jappy's cracking little painting:

"Time Had Changed It" by Fiona Jappy.
To me the mysterious house in Inverleith has the same feel and draw to it as Fiona's painting. The house looks familiar yet it seems a little out of place in it's location.
And look at the tree "patterns" in the next photo. There's a specific variety of tree in there (I know I'm rubbish with a camera!)

Again, every time I see these trees along the entrance to the Botanic Gardens I always think of another of Fiona Jappy's paintings:

"From There To Here" by Fiona Jappy.
This special painting was acquired by a really thoughtful chap who was buying it for the arrival of his first born. He told Fiona and I that, once the baby arrived he would drive his wife and child to that very location to see the real place. So sweet....I love happy endings!
Will leave you with this cheeky chap:

Introducing "Ritchie the Rat". I paid artist Sally Johns a visit the other day to collect her newest "Barn Owl" which, of course, is absolutely stunning. I noticed they had a new addition to the household who clearly has made himself at home.
Next week back to the "Not So Still" exhibition.
Have a good weekend all x

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