Thursday, 29 April 2010


Hello everyone

No, it's not my birthday again. Although Union Gallery will be celebrating it's 1st birthday very soon.....I am SO EXCITED!!

It was the birthday of regular gallery visitor and now friend Lillian Redhead yesterday. Mr & Mrs Redhead popped in as crafty old John had told his gorgeous missus that she was getting a jigsaw puzzle for her birthday! How could he? However, on opening said present, she discovered that it was infact:

WOW. Now that's what I call a present; what a perfect husband!
"Through The Net Curtain" by Philip Braham is a unique and very special painting and it could not have gone to a better home. As I say: I love happy endings.

Happy Birthday Lillian!
John and Lillian took the opportunity to have a last look round the "Not So Still" exhibition which you all still have time to offer of a wee gin and tonic whilst viewing still stands. A really beautiful exhibition and a huge thank you to all the artists involved: Georgie Young, Cathy Campbell, Jean Hall, Suzanne Kempley, Astrid Trugg, Ruth Addinal, Drummond Mayo and of course Philip Braham.
Leaving you with this:

I am pleased to report that I finally got my "art n tart" date with lovely Stewart Bremmner. He is coming along nicely with his new abstract style and I can also happily report that his famous pies are in fact the business. Mmmmmm.....

Have a great weekend everyone x

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