Tuesday, 20 April 2010

A Healthy Respect

Hello everyone

This is an unexpected entry.....it's here because I'm getting a tad tired of hearing about election stats, facts and rats. Also because I never knew that volcanic ash could be quite so fascinating! Seriously, what I find interesting about the Iceland situation is that no matter how high tech and in control we think we are, when mother nature wants to blow a gasket we need to step aside and respect her awesome power.

Since the dawn of time, artists have been in awe and held a healthy respect for nature, documenting her magic on cave and tomb walls. Nature continues to be a source of inspiration to modern day artists, including flower painter Jenny Matthews. Jenny has spent the best part of a year working hard on her solo exhibition which, was scheduled to open on......May 6th! Unfortunately the election interrupted that, so we have moved it to the evening of the 7th. We will be open late on the 6th in case anyone feels the need to look at something a bit more inspiring than a ballot paper. Indeed, perhaps a relaxing look round the gallery with a glass of wine could be just the pre/post election fix you could do with!
Leaving you with this image. Another marvel of nature, a beautiful Magnolia about to blossom, much like the Jenny Matthews exhibition.

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