Monday, 1 November 2010


Hello everyone - and greetings to latest blog follower.

So Union Gallery will be closed for the next couple of days in preperation of:
"Last Request" by Trevor Jones from his exhibition "Synaethesia II". This painting is inspired by the music of Paolo Nutini.

TIP. If you can manage to lose a couple of pounds between now and Thursday, I suggest you do.....interest is high and it's going to be PACKED!

See you all Thursday......

Sounds like a visual feast

Published Date: 03 November 2010
AN exhibition of work based on the songs of Paolo Nutini and Biffy Clyro is to go on display at the Union Gallery.
Artist Trevor Jones's exhibition, entitled Synaesthesia II, explores the sensory connection between music and colour from tomorrow.

Mr Jones said: "There's been a profound increase in research into synaesthesia (the phenomenon of "seeing" sounds] the last few decades and I was compelled to begin my own artistic investigation. To add another dimension to the exhibition we're providing MP3 players with the relevant songs."

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