Saturday, 27 November 2010

Last Request? Last Chance

Hello everyone

Welcome to our lastest blog followers.....just wait 'till you see what's coming next!

So the dark and gloomy month of November was successfully fought off by the sheer joy that is Trevor Jones' exhibition, "Synaesthesia II". I have enjoyed every minute of it....even the learning to use the scary MCP3O players! It's good to challenge oneself. However, what I have enjoyed the most has been the reaction of all the amazing visitors who have been in to view this work. It is often said that abstract art is not for everyone, but it seems that Trevor's masterful use of colour and skillful compositions simply delight people. I understand why.

I have also relised something else quite special: having spent nearly a whole month with these paintings in the gallery, I am the lucky person who has spent more time with them than anyone else - even Trevor. It's been an intense process for him, and it's a shame that he has not been allowed the luxury of time to fully appreciate all his hard work - such is the way for artists. So, lucky me! I have been able to spend lots of time with them, and yet I know that I have only scatched the surface of what these paintings have to offer. I am very happy for all of those who have secured one of  Trevor's paintings....they just keep giving.

So, this weekend is the LAST CHANCE to come and see (and hear)  "Synaesthesia II", I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Leaving you with this:

Trevor taking a contemplative moment, spending a little time with something that is essentially part of him.

Speak soon....