Sunday, 7 November 2010

An Explosion of Colour!

Howdy partners and greetings to our latest blog always we shall do our best to amaze and astound you.

So I am waiting for technical wizard Stewart Bremner to finish the video of artist Trevor Jones's opening the other night. I can't wait! It was a fantastic night with a real celebratory feel, well attended and some excellent feedback. Thanks to all who attended and made it such a special night.

It's an interesting and unique exhibition with a musical twist. It's also very colourful......the perfect fix for a drab and gloomy November. So if you fancy doing something fun and rewarding then please come in for a visit. You can have a laugh at me trying to operate an MP,C3PO player.

Speaking of which:

I had to laugh at this. Lovely artist Stewart Bremner left me fool proof instructions on how to operate the camera. Very dutiful and GREATLY appreciated!

Leaving you with this:

"Synaesthesia II" opening 04.11.10.
Here's a wee snap of the night until the video arrives. The master of abstract, Trevor Jones, is pictured in the white shirt.

Speak soon x