Saturday, 13 November 2010

Impressive Vessel!

Hello everyone

Just wanted to bring your attention to this:

An 18C Imperial chinese Vase that Bainbridges sold a couple of days ago for a WHOPPING £51.6m (including commission).  That's a world record price for a Chinese wprk of art. To be fair, it's a very pretty vase, and I think it's almost as nice as Union Gallery's 'ugly jug':

Union Gallery's ugly/beautiful vase.....maker unknown
Although ours has authentic cracks and everything!
 As we all know, the Chinese economy is rocketing at the moment and collectors are very keen to repatriate important's their history and culture.

Anyway, if, like me, you don't have a spare £51.6m kicking around, but you still like stunning creamics or glassware, then we have the answer:


"Flat Pack Bird Cage" by Jessica Irena Smith......a demi-fraction of the price for the Impressive Vessel and just as lovely.

EQUALLY IMPORTANT, you still have 16 days to come in and see (and hear) the Trevor Jones "Synaesthesia II" exhibition - and I can promise you it's well worth it.  I might even share a glass of Irn Bru with you, served in my Faberge glasses.
(Oh, and if any of you reading this can shed some light on the elusive Auldjo Vase, and help me reclaim my inheritance as Italian Nobility, you'll get extra Irn Bru)

Have a great weekend. 

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