Monday, 28 December 2009


Hi everyone.
Hope you all had a lovely, relaxing Christmas.... I trust you didn't overdo it with the turkey.  I am very excited readers: today sees the arrival of all the new work by award winning artist Fiona Jappy. She and her dad are making the journey down from Elgin as we speak. I am relieved the weather has improved as it was not looking good for them last week.  Anyway, it is very exciting for me as the Fiona Jappy & Olivia Irvine exhibition will be the first of 2010 at Union Gallery. It kicks off a new year, and I have good feelings about the next 12 months with lots of hopes and ambitions for both gallery and artists. It will be wonderful to finally see Fiona's & Olivia's work on the walls....both have been working flat out for months and I am very grateful for their efforts.
This is also a special exhibition as the 3 of us have been connected through art before.....a whopping 10 years ago at Edinburgh College of Art. It is great for us to have been reunited through the gallery. Indeed, many friendships and partnerships have been re kindled and made in the last 6 months.
Will keep you posted on more from Fiona and Olivia soon.
Oh, there will be a nice pressie for Union Gallery's first footer (we will be open Jan 2nd); this will become something of a tradition. Again will keep you posted.

"Distant" by Fiona Jappy. Melancholy yet very beautiful.
They have arrived safe and sound and bearing little bundles of joy! I have to say not only has Fiona worked tirelessly for this exhibition she's been uber orgainised. Even her wrapping is precise and neat.
Bundles of joy:

Wow this is like Christmas all over again!

This is Fiona Jappy. Please take a look at her green coat. Some of you might spot it making an appearance in one of her will have to find it yourselves....I'm not helping you.
I spent the remainder of the afternoon in my element playing with my new "toys".

Trying to single out some favourites which is not easy.  However, the following little gems could be contenders


"From Here to There".

Tomorrow will see the arrival of Olivia Irvine's work and it will be Christmas all over again. Super!

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