Monday, 7 December 2009

Amazing Sisters

In October, some of you may remember a post about the amazing wire sculptures of Barbara Franc. They have proved hugely popular in the gallery, with Lounging Lurcher and Splendid Stag  already finding new homes, along with a commission for a lovely piece called Alley Cat.

So I thought I'd show you another piece of work from Barbara, a stunning 3D study made of recycled biscuit tins, each indiviually shaped, hammered and fixed to a heavy wooden board.  Sisters is a big piece, 161x81cm in dimensions, and it is truly stiking.

How stunning is that?  It is one of those works of art that you can look at for hours, continually finding something new to marvel at.  The stir it is creating in the gallery reminds me a little of how all thise people were coming in during the Festival Exhibition to paw over the Graham Flack painting, Saul - a mixture of fascination, awe and delight.  Here's an idea of the extraordinary detail:

Pretty incredible, I am sure you agree.
Sisters is the artists version of a painting hanging in the Tate Gallery called, variously, Cholmondeley Ladies/Sisters/Twins, the options being the result of it being by an unknown painter and there being no records of it's origins.  The painting, below, is believed to have been created circa 1600, and although very little is known about it, it is known to be have owned by the Cholmondeley (pronounced Chumley - the wonders of the English language) family, and it is therefore assumed that the ladies are members of the family.

Barbara has always been fascinated by the painting, and you can tell that she really enjoyed creating this amazing piece.  And, when you look at the original painting, you can see how much attention to detail she payed, and how much her work is really an homage in metal.

Oh, one last thing: if any of you want to buy it, be aware that it is seriously heavy and definately needs a load bearing wall to hang on!  And I will need a lot of persuasion if you want help!

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