Thursday, 3 December 2009

UG Christmas Party continued!!

Well everyone it's nearly time....and I am getting REALLY excited.

Remember the entry I did about hanging the Christmas Exhibition? I mentioned there were horrid Frank Spencer moments. Anyway sure enough on the second day of hanging one of cables on the window display gave in....luckily no paintings, nor I, were injured during this "comedy" moment. Today my pal Stewart from Edmonds came in to put it right. Edmonds are responsible for our fabulous website, all our printing, invitations and flyers etc. I have to say they are very good, never let us down and remain calm when we have crazy last minute requests!
This is Stewart. He was a wee bit camera shy.

Not so camera shy.....

The upstanding Mr McKenna. We were again blessed with the presence of Mr McKenna today. I think it's wonderful that someone as busy as him finds time in his hectic schedule to pay us a visit and see what's new and what we have been up to. I think he likes the blog.
Union Gallery glowing at night. Not long now and it will hopefully be packed.

Right I'm off to get the party frock on!
Here we go....this is my father. He paints the Geese and Coots.

Never noticed how tall he is until looking at this photo. Eek I think my frock is clashing somewhat with the beautiful Janet Melrose paintings. Do you see the still life painting to the right of my father? It's titled "Paisley Hen" and it's by Georgie may remember me raving about Georgie's work before.
This picture shows Georgie (red coat) and gallery supporters.

Just reassuring Barbara Frank's "Little Donkey" that the Union Gallery artist's party really isn't something to be feared...really!

This is my "little" brother Daniel who is responsible for the Hammerhead Sharks. He got married earlier on in the year....a big hello to the new Mrs Auldjo!

Just behind me on the right is the Dashing Mr Trevor Jones. Mr Jones and I shall be teaming up next Tuesday evening (December 8th) from 6.30 pm to launch the first ever Heart event. Trevor will be giving a talk about his stunning absract paintings and also to tell us more about the amazing work of Art in Healthcare. I too will be giving a talk about the gallery and my own work...will do my best not to bore everyone to sleep. Please feel free to come along to listen to us. No cabbages allowed.
Right this is our youngest recruit Matyn McKenzie. I think he enjoyed himself last night. He maybe a youngster but he could certainly put away the mulled vino!

It was Martyn who painted the wonderful "Shadowed Sea". A star in the making. We are having the piece below framed up for an exhibition in February. It's a big painting and when I viewed it for the fisrt time it immediately put me in mind of Claude Monet's "Lily Pond" although I would say Martyn's painting has a lot more energy. Good stuff.

Above is artist Christine Clark on the right. I showed you one of her superior drawings in the Halloween entry. Very stylish and very slick in their plain black frames. That's Christine's sister on the left. They are so alike!

Well luckily for all involved the classic schoolboy error of flat camera batteries meant no one could be ridiculed. Below is a nice gentle number. I love the way the windows are steaming up.

And this curiosity. Yes probably best the camera was put away.

I think we all had a great time and I even managed to squeeze in a spot of dancing care of the lovely Christine McGuire, natural mover and wife of artist Derek McGuire.

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