Sunday, 13 December 2009

Favourite things

Hi everyone! I have a confession to make: I again found myself sneaking into the gallery early this morning to look at the paintings. So I thought I would point out some of the "treasures" hanging in the gallery then you could understand why I like spending so much time with them.
Kick starting with this one...

"Autumn on the banking" by Janet Melrose.
There's not so many of Janet's paintings left now. Everyone who has looked at them can instantly see that they are quite special. The above is a firm favourite of mine (please Santa pleeease!)
And this...

Georgie Young's "Paisley Hen". This piece has got me. As a landscape painter I am probably a little biased about Georgie's work in that I will always swing towards her fab landscapes. However, this particular painting gets a lot of attention from me. The colours are not 100% accurate in this jpeg but take my word for it, they are delicious. Red and green can sometimes clash, but I am fixated on that gorgeous blood, ruby red that melts into the jade green background. Again, pure poetry! Love the title too.
All time favourite...

"The Dancers" by Drummond Mayo.
Who wouldn't want to spend time with this painting? He's so clever and a real "painter's painter".

"Skaters Pond" by John Carberry.
For a frosty, wintery painting this has such a warm glow about it. I think it's such a timeless, elegant painting. I must be an old romantic at heART! I know frames shouldn't be everything with a painting, but John has it spot on with this beauty; a simple limed wood number with a classy gold slip. Nice.
Dylan Lisle's dazzling dogs....


 I was really keen to see them on the black background. Stunning.
As the lovely new owner (hi) of one of these pieces pointed out to me "Dogs are not just for Christmas". Neither are paintings I guess!
Another animal number

"Feeding Time" by John Auldjo.
Yes not going to say too much about this number as we wouldn't want pa to get a big head now would we?
I will say the composition's pretty fab - it's a really calming and theraputic painting and I just know that cheeky fish is about to pop it's head out the water in search of scoff.
The enchantress...

"Girl With Moon" by David Hosie.
What a shame this is a poor image of a spectacular painting. It's behind glass so it's almost impossible to get a good image of it. I will sort this out as it's doing a disservice to a truly beautiful painting by a world class artist. Apologies David.
I find the gaze of this impossibly striking woman both haunting and captivating. She is sitting opposite me in the gallery just now and I gaze at her gaze a lot. You need to look at her for real to see what I mean about her be enchanting.
Might just show you a quick glimpse of my "boyfriend" again. He's not actually in the gallery at present however, I think about him a lot!

Yes I think it would be fair to say that I have fallen for "Falling Man". Indeed when you read everything I have said about him I think it would be fair to say it was love at first sight! I should think he will probably be completely dry now.
By no means last....

Beautiful "Reverie" by Frances Ross.
I was really keen to get this piece in as the first time I viewed it as a jpeg I just knew she was special and she doesn't dissapoint. She did give a certain gentelman a tough time though. He was torn between her and "Jennie". I understand does one decide between these ladies? I think he made the right decision though as he has patiently waited (thank you) for Jennie to come from the foundry for a few months.

"Jennie" by Frances Ross. I think they will be very happy together.
I have a secret method of gauging how well an exhibition is going....the more finger and nose prints on the glass door the better. The harder the polishing in the morning the better!
Obviously there's lot's of wonderful art work on display and it's tough trying to pick a selection. A point I am very proud of in the gallery is all the work is of an exceptional standard.
Oh, also to let you know during the Artist's Christmas party Derek McGuire suggested we have a first birthday party! Great idea: we are planning an amazing exhibition so we want everyone, artists, friends and gallery visitors alike to come along and celebrate with us. Can you tell I am getting excited already?!? It's a whole (short) six months away, plenty of time for me to get over excited. Rob will be pleased.

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