Friday, 8 January 2010

Olivia Irvine & Fiona Jappy Exhibition

Happy New Year everyone!

It certainly is for me. Indeed, I am in my element at the moment as I am currently sorrounded by some very beautiful and special paintings by award winning artists Olivia Irvine and Fiona Jappy.
I really would urge you to come in and have a look at this will not be dissapointed! This is a showcase of work that will grab your attention and spark some soul-searching...even evoke familiarity and memories.
Just thought we would give you a quick glimpse of how it came about....actually for that, you would need to go back many months. There will be more of that story shotly. Here's a little behind the scenes action:

The arrival of the Jappys. The piece in the foreground, "Passer-by", may have just clinched the "favourite" title from Fiona's work. It is currently in the window and it's great watching people stopping to gaze at it. It has a really soft quality to it and although it's quite a dark piece, there is a magical glow to it. It's beautifully painted and looks gorgeous under the window lights.

Bit of hanging action. Yes. I am sporting a pair of very unglamerous wellington boots. Purely weather related I can assure you! It's funny, for months I had been visualising Fiona & Olivia's exhibition, and could see the paintings on the walls however, when it came to actually insatlling them, I had a bit of a mental block. They were up they were down, this side that side. I wanted to make sure that every single piece was given the best wall or window space that it deserved. A bit like putting together a giant puzzle.

I liked this snap of Barbara Frank's "Little Donkey" & "Palmer" observing Olivia Irvine's painting "Perfect Spot". They have good taste!

Getting there...




Despite the dreadful weather, there was a fantastic turn out of Irvine & Jappy supporters. A huge thank you to all who braved the elements. It was also really lovely to have both Olivia and Fiona here for the night. Fiona made the marathon trip down from Elgin to be here.

Our special guests who were impeccably behaved:

Mini muses. Olivia Irvine's daughters Eleanor, left and Susanna, right with their friend in the middle. I think you will see the resemblance in the following picture....

Detail from "Perfect Spot". Just magical.

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