Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Well dressed blog!

Hello everyone
This blonde bombshell is my good friend and horse jumper extraordinaire, Jude Carrie. She was absoultely tickled....well, blue.... at Fiona Jappy's gorgeous paintings. Being a gifted person herself she fully appreciated Fiona's sophisticated and classy palette. It matched her smart coat perfectly.

I then pointed out to her Fiona's own coat as seen below:

Which features in:

"She had been away" by Fiona Jappy.  Happy Birthday, by the way, Fiona!
So now I thought I would show you this smart little number....

This gorgeous vintage swing coat dates back to the 60's and was artist Olivia Irvine's coat when she was a little girl. I undersatnd that one of her daughters can still get it on and models it for Olivia. You may recognise it in the following piece:

Perfectly observed in "Rosalida Revisited" by Olivia Irvine.

I mentioned before that Olivia's studio is a bit like a treasure chest. You keep finding bits and pieces, or clues about Olivia's research. I got excited when I spotted these two items.....


Which I instantly recognised from the following treasure of a painting:

Detail from a "Perfect Spot" by Olivia Irvine.

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