Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Windswept and Interesting

Hello everyone

I trust that you were all good to your mummies on Sunday!
I was.  Indeed my ma's special present looked the business wrapped up in Jenny Matthews wrapping paper:

So we are into the final week of 'Making Waves' and, being partial to a bit of sea painting myself, this exhibition really 'floats my boat' as they say.  I wanted to highlight a few of the treasures on display.  Lets start with this:

'White Water', acrylic on board, by Hazel Cashmore.
I would have liked to have spent more time admiring all that is great about 'White Water', but the pround new owner couldn't wait to get it home.  When I looked at this beauty, I could almost hear the crash of the waves and the fizz of the foam on rocks.  I loved how the sea was spilling out of the paining.  Enegmatic and energetic, as are all of Hazel Cashmore's paintings.

'Sandwood, Summer', mixed media, by Beth Robertson Fiddes.
This is an impressive and brilliantly executed painting by Beth Robertson Fiddes.  Legendary Sandwood Bay, with all its mysticism and breathtaking scenery has been captured perfectly by Beth.  There's some very clever collage work going on here and if you view the painting from a certain angle, it's almost a 3D painting!  Come in, and I will position you.

'Five Boats', mixed media, by Nikki Monaghan.
The relaxing pleasure of observing boats gently bobbing in a harbour, brilliantly observed by Nikki Monaghan.

'Cellardykes', oil on cotton board, by Ian Rwnsley.
 Fife boasts some beautiful coastline, and Cellardykes is a well known attraction.  The village is known locally as 'Sillerdyke' - a reference to the sun glistening on fishscales on the nets as they dry on the harbour walls.

'Stonehaven', oil on cotton board, by Ian Rawnsley.   
A favourite of mine, there is such softness and subtlety in this painting.
Lets end with a: 

'Splash', gouache, by Dorothy Bruce.  
Great title, great painting. Dorothy lives on the Isle of Cumbrae, and in this painting there are actual grains of sane from the beaches there.  You may not be able to see that in the image above, so I highly recommend that you pop in abd appreciate it at first hand.

Speak soon. 


  1. It would be good to see a bit of this sometime soon. http://www.alisonauldjo.com/gallery/