Monday, 18 April 2011

The Incredible Journey

Hello All

Some of you may know that I popped down to London last weekend to collect the entire body of work for Barbara Franc's solo exhibition, 'Diversity'.  It was a pretty uneventful trip, apart from a spell of paranoia that every vehicle that came close to me was going to crash into the van and destroy all the beautiful sculpture in the back.  Needless to say, I managed to avoid that potential calamity.  It was certainly worth the trip, as I get to spend some time with this amazing work, and was able to make sure it arrived safely for everyone to see.  I also finally got to meet Barbara after all this time (we've been showing her work for over a year now).

I did stop for a break, however, at Carlisle Service Station, and I felt the need to release a few of the beasts for some fresh air:

'Time Flies' and 'Ride on a Fine Horse', grazing.
The presence of such fine beast in the dreary of the service station had a lovely calming and cheering effect on those who saw them, just as they do on everyone who comes into the gallery at the moment.

'Reynard' checking out the bins. And:

'Mischievous Magpie' trying to pinch someones burger (not mine!).

Eventually, once we had all had our break, we were on our way again and the result is:

A gallery full of truly outstanding sculpture that should not be missed.  I cannot recommend strongly enough that you all come in to see this wonderful exhibition...full of fun and tremendous skill.  Barbara Franc has been working on this, her first solo exhibition in Scotland, for over a year, and I guarantee that you will leave the gallery with a big grin and an invigorated spirit.

See you soon....

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