Saturday, 9 April 2011

Foxy Ladies!

Hello everyone

I hope you have all been out and about and enjoying the better weather!

This is a special blog as we have 2 very special exhibitions coming up at Union Gallery. April the 11th sees the arrival of award winning sculptor Barbara Franc's new work for her first Scottish solo exhibition, "Diversity". 30 new pieces of work, varying in scale and subject; all perfectly crafted; all simply brilliant. "Diversity" opens on Thursday, April 14th.

"Reynard" by Barbara Franc. Wire netting, steel wire and red oxide.
This stunning chap will be making a trip with all his other companions in a van all the way from London. By the time he reaches Edinburgh, he will be one well travelled fox. I can't wait to meet him!

"Reynard". Profile.
There is much to admire in Barbara's work. I am always amazed by her care and attention to detail. There's as much love and commitment in the small scale works as there is in the larger sculptures. We are always being force-fed the importance of recycling, so I'm sure you will agree, that this is an inspired and ingenious form of recycling.
Barbara was rather modest about making her debut on the blog. However, Newton, her studio cat was more than happy to represent her:

I often think that foxes get an awful lot of bad press. Considered as vermin and a pest to many, I personally believe and I think both artists Barbara Franc and Janet Melrose (who's solo exhibition will be in May) would agree with me, that there is much to admire in them. Of course they are 'cunning', but they are so much more than that. I think they are beautiful and mysterious, inquisitive and intelligent animals. As the modern day world relentlessly encroaches on their natural habitats, they have adapted like the true survivors they are, and I find them welcome visitors to our cities. They are, after all, merely scraping by and surely deserve their place in natures grand plan.
So here is award winning artist Janet Melrose:

Sporting those 'famous' dungarees, I admire Janet's no nonsense and unglamorous approach to her vocation. I'm sure many artists will recognise this 'there's work to be done' attitude. Forget image, the work comes first.

"Spot the Fox", acrylic on canvas.
This painting was given a home in a heart beat. However there will be other foxes appearing in Janet Melrose's solo exhibition "A Still Life", as the fox motif is a recurring theme in her work.
"A Still Life" opens on May 5th, and I canny wait!

Have a great weekend all x

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