Friday, 1 April 2011

A Dog's Life

Hello eveyone

I recently posted a blog as a nod to all the studio cats out there - past and present.
As promised, now it's time for the hounds. They say that dogs age 7 years in comparison to us humans, so for the purposes of this blog, I've tried to narrow it down to 7 lucky pooches.  I apologise in advance to any 4 legged friends I have not included....I may have let an extra one or two slip in.
As with the pussy blog, I will start with my own:

Spring Hippo! Many of you will already be familiar with Tommy ('Tickles') the boxer. He's a loving and loyal companion who is aprroaching his twilight years. Everyday with Tommy is a blessing now. He's getting a bit older and has a touch of arthritis, so he needs some extra TLC.  At Union Gallery we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of a bespoke knitted jumper c/o artist Hannah Haworth. Thanks Hannah!
Tommy is from Boxer Welfare Scotland. If you want to give a squishy face a new home then take a look:

Hmm. This is Harry the insane Dalmation. Harry is also 'recycled'. Indeed, we are Harry's 4th owners at the tender age of 3. Although it's been hard work and realistically Harry is not allowed a single spot inside my studio, I love him dearly for his madness. Remember the golden rule; "a dog is for life not just for Christmas". All that's spotty is not all fairytales and 102 Dalmations!
All the way from NYC:

This is Cocoa, studio companion and (sometimes) model to artist, sculptor and knitting genius Hannah Haworth. Here she is modeling that coveted jumper. Cocoa is also a rescue dog and I think she has landed on her paws being taken in by someone like Hannah.

Lovely Leda, compadre of deadly talented artist Dylan Lisle. I had the honour of having my face licked off by Leda just the other night whilst discussing Dylan's next exhibition in 2012.'s going to be incredible!
Next up:

The back ends of Pip & Oscar! These 2 beautiful pointers are a continuing source of inspiration (and exasperation) to award winning artist Janet Melrose. This photo was taken on a recent studion visit in preperation for Janet's solo exhibition "A Still Life", in May.'s also going to be stunning and some wise early birds are already pecking around.
Nearly ending on this fella:

This is Rufus, sporting his winter coat. Another model, companion and inpiration to award winning sculptor Barabara Franc. HINT....Barbara Franc's first solo exhibition in Scotland, "Diversity", opens on Thursday 14th April, interest is high and I can guarantee that you won't see another exhibition like this. A huge thanks in advance to Barbara for all her hard work.

Ending with this fella:

This is Humphrey. I have a soft spot for 'Humfs' as I affectionatley call him.....and his master. He is constant studio companion to figurative artist Frank McNab, who I visited recently to have a look at his compelling work. You can take a closer look at Frank's work here:

Incidentally, if you don't come in and see the excellent work in the current exhibition "Making Waves" then you'd be barking mad!

Signing off......Cruella De Vil.....

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